Monday, September 15, 2008

No Blogging - Lots of Knitting

No Blogging lately - what's wrong with me?
I've been real busy tending to the forgotten backyard. It was a jungle back there but I've now gotten it manageable again.

My computer was having problems, my hard drive died. Put in another one and now I have to install all my programs again. I'm still not finished and now my photo editing software is not working for me.
I decided to use Flickr's Picnik program. So far it's OK.

My sis Rita sent me her favorite slipper socks to mend. I usually do afterthought heels and tell her to not throw them away when she wears a hole in the heel.
I can fix them! I did fix them and decided to knit her up a few more pairs.

Some nice reddish ones.
Yarn: TLC Essential Multi - Sedona colorway
Size 4 needles - working both socks at the same time.
Pattern: Melanie's House Socks
I've made a pair of these before and really liked the garter stitch sole.
With this pair I am going to work an afterthought heel instead and still keep the sole in garter stitch.

Here is another pair I'm making using up all the bright bits of yarn.

PDF pattern: Mountain Form Slippers

Mittenz Update
Time is quickly approaching the mail date! I have about 72 pairs of mittens made.
I was saying I was trying to knit up 100 and I will for the year of 2008, just not for the current Blitz. Besides my mitten box is almost full.....

I've got a few more photos but I'll save them for tomorrow.

Oh and Linda nominated me for "I Love Your Blog Award" Thanks!
I'll see what I can do about answers......


LizzieK8 said...

Great house socks. I need to make some for Youngest Son out of acrylic. The wool ones I made him now have patches on the patches...He's so hard on socks.

I quit at 60 pairs of mittens. I have a single one that I just can't get the umph up to finish the other one....

However, blankets are fun right now!

Wool Winder said...

I like the garter stitch sole.

RheLynn said...

Cool idea with the slipper socks :)