Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Love To Read!

I love to read and I just found out about
over at Lizzie's Blog.

It's free, it's fun!

Here is a sample widgit


Then there is the one that shows all the books you have read.
I've been adding this years reads. Last year I read 83 books and I'm trying for 100 this year!


There is some knitting is going on - finished another pair of mittens and working on a baby blanket for my "almost here" granddaughter! More about that later.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mittin' Knittin' On Hold

Stop The Knitting!

That's my grandson above - he and mom came from Colorado to visit the family here in Southern Calif. Knitting and crocheting will be on hold for now as we plan to have lots of fun!

Here is my 7th set of 8!

There's been some sewing of mittens too!

I made the above from different patterns and some scrap fleece material.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Saving On Gas

Hat #10 knit with 1 strand of soft knitting worsted and 1 strand of mohair makes a fuzzy warm hat.

Hat #11 - Knit on the Innovations Knitting Machine. This is a tube doubled up which makes a very warm hat. I used Woolease yarn.

Hat # 12 - 2 strands of knitting worsted and a 3" garter stitch brim.

Now for Mittenz!

Pairs 52 & 53 - Mini Thumbless Mitts.

Pair #54 - got the idea from a pair of Old Navy fleece mittens.

Pair #55 on the needles with a thumb knit flat method.

Friday, June 13, 2008

123 And One More

Trio of Hatz

3 earflap hats using Tammy Wright's In A Flap Cap pattern.

Of course I modified it! I changed the stitch counts to be able to knit with 2 strands of worsted wt yarn at 3st/1".
And I even short rowed the neck/flap part as you can see on the left most cap.

Now for the Hat Parade:

Hat #6
Woolease yarn with a doubled brim and knit on the Innovations Knitting machine with hand knit crown.

Hat #7
Knit following instructions as per original pattern, but with 2 strands of yarn.
Earflap part could be a bit closer to the eyes, I thought it was too wide apart.

Hat #8
I short rowed the flap part and added one more ridge to the brim. Original had 3 rows of garter stitch - I did 4 ridges. And I also adjusted the flap/neck stitches by adding more and decreasing the opening stitches. The face part now looks better protected from the cold winds in South Dakota.

Hat #9

Now this one might look a bit smaller but I think that is due to the yarns I used.
On this one I added one more short row for a total of 4 short rows and this made the flaps hang down longer and shortened the neck back a bit more. One could even add a button and button the two flaps under the chin. The rest of the hat is the same, 4 brim ridges, same depth.

So that brings my HATZ totals to 9.
I cast on for another one minus flaps.

Still working on the garter stitch baby blanket and I have one square done.
But now Lizzie has tempted me with EZ's Garter Stitch Blanket from the Opinionated Knitter. I have the book, but I think I'll wait finish my squares of garter stitch first.
Knitting on slippers for little feet and a baby sweater too.
Stay tuned!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Two More Hatz and More

Hat #4

I finally finished weaving in all the ends and really love this hat.
It was fun and easy to knit.

It's the Checkerboard Mesa Hat by Nanette Blanchard .

Hat #5

This is my adaption of EZ's Maltese Fisherman's Hat found in Knitter's Almanac.

I fiddled with the stitch count to use worsted wt yarn on #7 needles for a gauge of 4 sts per inch.

Here's a cute little garter stitch baby blanket I have on the needles.
It's from a book by Candace Eisner Strick - Knit One, Stripe Too
This is just one square - there are four.

Oh Let's Not Forget The Mittenz!

Two more felted pair. The ones on the left have an acrylic cuff and were modified from the Dulann Mittens. I think this makes the 50th & 51st pair.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Did You Say Hatz?

Today I'll be working on Hatz for 2008. This challenge is not official yet, but I have to get a jump on Lizzie - she already has 5 Hatz!

Here is her cute button I'm stealing for my sidebar. Go check out her blog and you'll see the lovely hatz she has already made.

2 hats were sitting in the NAS bin. I made them in April and had not gotten around to mailing them so I'm counting them!

Hat #1 is the Butterfly Hat - my hat here.

And here is Hat #2

Hat #3 is really bright pink! More thrift store yarn and no particular pattern.
I just cast on for a 20" head and did some ribbing and added some purl bumps along the way.

Here is #4 almost done - just needs the ends woven in.
It's the Checkerboard Mesa Hat by Nanette Blanchard and available for purchase on Ravelry and here.

What I found while digging thru the Wips - I forgot I had started these before my April Colorado trip .

And that's not all I found.....
I had to re-organize all my forlorn and forgotten Wips that were shoved to the side during Mad Mitten Making.
Here is what I found - about 10 little baskets all lined up and waiting for me to "get with it".

I'm still working on the other mitten mate for pair #49 and I have a few more mitten patterns I want to try - so there will still be mitten knitting - just not so much.

Have to finish those blankets and I found another cute little sweater pattern on Ravelry.
Yes, I cast on for it already....

Monday, June 02, 2008

Hello - I Am An Over Achiever

Warning - If you are reading my blog anywhere besides here ( - it's been stolen and reposted.
Always check the address bar to see if you are on the correct site.
This is called blog scraping and people do it to make money by diverting traffic to their site.
To check and see if your blog's been stolen - Go here:

The Battle of the Mittenz Knitting is still going on. There is about 7 of us "Over Achieverz" that are in the double digits. Here is my 6th set of 8 pair and when I get to the 50th pair, I will take a little break.

I will not stopping making mittens but I think I'll switch to making a few hats and slippers.

Hatz Blitz, Heet the Feet Blitz and Babiez Blitz were being discussed in our Yahoo Group.
There will be more about this when the actual challenges start.
The Hatz Blitz will most likely start after the Mittenz Blitz ends - Sept 30th.

Some of the my fellow OA's (Over Achieverz) have already started making hats so ya know I have to "get with it" and knit me some Hatz!

Oh and I almost forgot about the "Underwear Blitz"!
Between now and August 1 (the mailing date) we are challenged to pick up a pack of NEW (only)
underwear for school aged children. It's our June/July Blitz.

Now to go check out my Ravelry Queue and see what hat patterns I have marked.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Explanations & Mittenz

Warning - If you are reading my blog anywhere besides here ( - it's been stolen and reposted.
Always check the address bar to see if you are on the correct site.
This is called blog scraping and people do it to make money by diverting traffic to their site.
To check and see if your blog's been stolen - Go here:


Did I confuse anyone with posting my dad's WWI picture?

Most of you probably have grandfather's that were in "The Great War" and you are probably thinking that I must really be old...

Well I AM old, just not that old LOL! I was born way after my brother and sisters were born.
Dad was a very proud father at 53 years old and mom was not too bad herself at 42 years of age.

I wish I knew more about his WWI service, but the records from that time were destroyed in a fire. So I do not know what battles he might have been in or if he ever was in combat.
I did find several medals of his and passed them on to my nephew who is in the military service.

So now on to my Felting Experiments.

For my 49th pair of Mittenz I used this pattern and here is a picture
pre-washing machine.

Here they are afterwards

They seem to have felted down to a nice size and the only thing I would change for next time is the thumb width and length. Those thumbs do look a wee bit skinny...

Now for the following big blue mittens! I made these on my Innovations Knitting Machine.
I started them way back in March but never got around to felting them.
Here they are before their trip thru the washer.

And here they are after.

They are about 10.5" long from end of cuff to tip and about 4.5" wide at the palm.

There are just two things I might change if I decide to make more.
I'd shorten the cuff length as I think it is too long and I'd make a less pointy mitten tip.

Hopefully they will fit a large sized hand.