Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Gifting has interrupted slipper making - lol!

Just had to weave up a cheery Christmas scarf for my dear sis.

Made on my 20" Flip with Caron Victorian Christmas yarn and Bernat Antique Christmas yarn.
Both are now discontinued, but I had some in my stash.

Friday, October 11, 2013

New Projects Looming Before Me

I am on the looming kick again and decided to construct a small 3' loom for making some neck scarves.     I remember making a triangle loom a few years back and also a 12" square loom but darn I forgot how I made them - lol!

Google to the rescue!    Found lots of info, found my drill, found my nails and wood glue.   Off to Home Depot for wood.    Also remembered that I had joined a Yahoo Tri-Loom group and found one on Ravelry too.   Lots of great  help on both sites.

This is what it looked like as I started out. 

Yes I pre-drilled my nail holes - so much easier and less chance of splitting the wood.  Since I don't have a work shop or fancy tools I had to rely on a hack saw to cut the pieces.  

Of course I did not measure right, so some of the joins were wonky.  After smoothing out the edges and filling the gaps with wood glue, my loom measured 4 feet.  What?   How did that happen?
Oh well, turns out that this is a much better size for a neck scarf.

Grabbed some grey Red Heart worsted wt and wove away.    I attached the fringe after with a crochet hook.

Now off the loom

And viola - a neck scarf!

Throwing more yarn on the loom for another scarf and having fun!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

  I have been busy knitting and walking and here are some of the results.  The fairisle designs are all my own.  I just added them as I knit.

Too many hats - I think I need a bigger box!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Easy Knitting

I am currently working with knitted blue squares and thought some knitted strips would go well between the blocks.
Here is a pic of the squares sent to me by the wonderful NAS Yahoo Group and my little garter stitch strip that I've been working on.

Went thrift store shopping the other day and scored these bags of lovely hexagons!   Washed one to check for fiber content and it's acrylic - no shrinkage.     Cost for both bags with my senior discount was around $2       What a find!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Circleghan Done

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving - I know I did!

Found some time to finish this Circle-ghan.  
It measures 50" x 72", which I think would be great on a twin sized bed or used to snuggle up on a couch.

Thanks to one of our generous members for crocheting most of these circles.   She sent a second box so I have enough to assemble another one of these beauties.

Pattern for these circles from Signed With an Owl - Squaring the Big Circle Tutorial.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Mad Hatter At Work

Slip Stitching From Your Stash

Well I love the outcome, but lost the enthusiasum 3/4 of the way.
Maybe I left it too long stewing  away all summer.
Got kinda lost in the pattern too.   I'm willing to give it a 2nd chance someday!
Pattern is free to Ravelry members and can be found here.

Quick Ear Flap Cap

This is a combo of 2 patterns but not hard to reproduce.
It takes 2 strands of worsted wt yarn.
Pattern is In A Flap Cap by Tammy Wright.

I made mods (of course I did) to make my earflaps longer.
This involves some short rowing.
I'd suggest you try her version first.
My version is on my Ravelry project page for this hat.

And if you noticed, I did a linen stitch for the body of the hat.

Teaser Alert!

This is what I am seaming up for our NAS group afghan.
Circles have been donated from members and I work the white around each one, squaring them away.  Then to join and seam.
Pattern for Squaring the Big Circle is from Kate Jenks.
She gives a great tutorial!

Now to thread that needle and seam!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


As promised - hats

This is my go to small hat pattern.  It's the Itty Bitty Hat from Carri Hammett.   The sizes are from newborn to 24 mos.  You cast on 56, 64 or 72 sts.  I've made quite a few with 80 sts and a bit longer.

One can do so many things with this pattern.  It is great for fair isle or slip stitch patterns.      I try to use one main color yarn and then add those little odd leftover balls every other row or so.

The pattern is a free pdf pattern found at Cold Water Yarns .com
PDF pattern here.

Also great for small peeries

Made this Lion Brand 4x4 ribbed hat.  

Knit for 10" and then worked crown decreases which made for a nice 3" brim to fold back over the ears.
Pattern is on the Lion Brand website - Ribbed Hat #60814AD

Moving on to the Bob Hat.  

Pattern is  available as a free Ravelry download.
Very thick hat, knit with double strands of yarn.   Again I used leftovers of blues and browns.  Quite easy, but for some reason my fingers and hands hurt during knitting this up.  
Maybe I have to toughen them up - that's what one gets for not knitting as often as they should!

Now for one of my favorite, quick and easy crochet caps.
This is Melissa Malls Basic Baby Beanie.   I added the scalloped edging.  This one works up very fast and I've made many of these.
Pattern is on her site - Basic Baby Beanie

All the hats go into this box and when it's full I am mailing it off to the Rez!