Saturday, July 04, 2009

Mitten Tutorial - Step 5

Hope no one abandoned their mittens!

Step 4 (continued):

After you knit your 12 thumb rows your mitten should look like the pictured below.

Step 5:

Next Row: K3, k2tog across row 8 (12)sts,
turn purl back.
Then knit 2tog across – 4 (6)sts.
Break yarn leaving a 1 yard length, gather up thumb tip and seam up thumb.

Picture below is the thumb already sewn up.

Now I'll show you how I avoid a hole at the "crotch" of the thumb.
With the wrong side facing you go thru the left stitch purl bump and

then go thru the right stitch purl bump.

After you've done that, purl to the end of the row (going to the left)

On the right side knit 15 sts and pick up one stitch at the "crotch".
and knit to the end of the row.

Don't forget to mark this row.

You now have 32 sts on the needle and you are ready to knit the body of the mitten.

Knit for 16 rows for body of mitten.

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Mimi said...

Wow! you have did such a great job on the tutorial. When I think I can do something by seeing a tutorial its a great one!!. People could use be as the knitting test tut dummmie;) My life is piled up now, but I will do these.