Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mitten Tutorial - Step 6

Step 6

Last instructions were to knit 16 rows of stockinette stitch for the body of the mitten.

Next you will begin decreasing for the mitten tip.

Decrease for mitten top:

1. (k6, k2tog) 4x – 28 sts
2. Knit
3. (k5, k2tog) 4x – 24 sts
4. Knit
5. (k4, k2tog) 4x – 20 sts
6. Knit
7. (k3, k2tog) 4x – 16 sts
8. Knit
9. (k2, k2tog) 4x – 12 sts
10. Purl 2tog across – 6 sts, break yarn, gather up.

This is the almost finished mitten that just needs seaming up.

And that's all for the LEFT mitten.

The RIGHT mitten is about the same, the only difference is the shaping of the thumb gusset.

For those of you who want to jump ahead, here are the instructions for the RIGHT mitten - no pics, yet. I'll be back with those pics as soon as I get to that point in my knitting.

Right Mitten:

Cast on 32 sts and rib for 22 rows

Knit 4 rows in St st Increasing by 1 on first row. 33 sts

Begin Right Thumb Gusset:

Row1: K29, PM, M1, Knit to end of round – 34 sts

Row 2: Purl to marker, M1, slip marker, p to end of row.

Rows 3-11: Repeat last 2 rows 4 times more.

Keep increasing every row until 44 total stitches.

Next Row: Purl 28 sts, (remove marker) turn and work the next 13 sts for thumb as in left mitten.

Mitten Body & Mitten Tip: Same as in left mitten.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Mitten Tutorial - Step 5

Hope no one abandoned their mittens!

Step 4 (continued):

After you knit your 12 thumb rows your mitten should look like the pictured below.

Step 5:

Next Row: K3, k2tog across row 8 (12)sts,
turn purl back.
Then knit 2tog across – 4 (6)sts.
Break yarn leaving a 1 yard length, gather up thumb tip and seam up thumb.

Picture below is the thumb already sewn up.

Now I'll show you how I avoid a hole at the "crotch" of the thumb.
With the wrong side facing you go thru the left stitch purl bump and

then go thru the right stitch purl bump.

After you've done that, purl to the end of the row (going to the left)

On the right side knit 15 sts and pick up one stitch at the "crotch".
and knit to the end of the row.

Don't forget to mark this row.

You now have 32 sts on the needle and you are ready to knit the body of the mitten.

Knit for 16 rows for body of mitten.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mitten Tutorial - Step 4

Is everyone still with me?
I thought I'd give you a few days to complete step 3.

Step 4:

After you have 44 total stitches your mitten should look like this

And you just finished a knit row.

Next Purl Row - Purl 29 sts and turn. Don't purl past the marker.

This is what it looks like after you turn

Now you are ready to knit the thumb.

Thumb: Edited July 4th - changed # of rows to 12

Knit 13 sts, marking this row as row 1 and knit 12 total rows on these 13 sts.

This is the beginning of the thumb part with a marker.

Any questions?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mitten Tutorial - Step 3

Now we will begin the left thumb gusset

Row 1: Knit 4, M1 (make one), PM (place a marker), knit to end of row.

Above picture shows how I M1 (make 1). I lift the stitch with the left needle and knit into the back of it so as not to leave a hole.

Knitting in the front and back of the stitch to increase does not work - it does not leave a smooth increase line and does not look quite as nice.

Above picture is the first row knit to the end with the marker in position.
You can see I have 5 sts at the right because I M1 and 29 sts on the left.

Row 2: Purl to marker, slip marker and m1.

To make one on the purl side, lift the stitch as above and

come in from behind to purl this stitch. We don't knit it because we do not want any purl bumps on the right side. It's a wee bit tricky but there are only a few more rows of this type of increase.

Rows 3-11: Repeat last 2 rows 4 times more.
Keep increasing every row until 44 (50) total stitches

You should end up with 15 sts on the right side of the marker and 29 sts on the left side.

Let me know if you get stuck anywhere and I'll see if I can better explain.
Or if I miscalculated the row counts.
Mostly it is the number of stitches at the end that matter.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mitten Tutorial - Step 2

Step 2 is easy, but first I have to clarify some questions.

We will be using the same size needles for knitting the whole mitten.

I also forgot to mention that due to the shaping of this gusset we will be making a left and a right mitten.

We are working on the LEFT mitten for now.

So on to Step 2

Knit 4 rows in Stockinette stitch, but INCREASE by 1 st in the first row.
you will now have 33 sts on the needle.

Update for "Here is an example on Maggie's Rags Site.

Thanks for asking this question Kittie!

I increased in the center. This is the section that one may knit more rows if they like longer mittens but since these are for children we will keep it at 4 rows.

See I told you Step 2 was easy!

Tomorrow Step 3.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mitten Tutorial - Step 1

Are you ready? Well here goes - my very first mitten tutorial!

We'll be working on just the small size for now - I'll add the next size up on the actual pattern.

Step 1

Cast on 32 sts and knit in rib of your choice for 3 1/4"

I like 2x2 rib, so I used that - does not matter what you choose.
3 1/4" for me worked out to about 22 rows.

Tomorrow I'll post the next step.

Can't think of a name for this pattern - they're nameless right now!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mitten Time

Okay, so I'm on a roll of mitten knitting!

Pairs 13, 14 & 15

The lovely blue yarn is Ironstone Multi 95% Wool 5% Polyester
These are worked on double points in the round.

Pairs 16, 17 & 18

Same Ironstone yarn here but these are knit on 2 needles.

Mitten Tutorial

I'll be posting a step by step little tutorial on how to knit these mittens with the "Indian thumb gusset " on 2 needles.

What you need is worsted wt yarn - light or medium wt worsted will work.
I think a little over 100 yds will work as I was able to squeeze out 3 pairs from one ball of Ironstone.

My gauge was 5 sts to 1 inch - use whatever needles give you that gauge.
Yes you should knit up a swatch, unless you already know your gauge with worsteds. I do ;)

I'll post step 1 tomorrow and after I'm done with all the steps I'll be posting the pattern over on my pattern blog.

And for those of you who hate to seam and would rather make your mittens in the round - stay tuned for that pattern.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mitten Factory

Here is another pair of "hoot-less" mittens. I followed the pattern of Give-A-Hoot mittens omitting the cabled parts.

Close up of what the Finnish knitters call "Indian Thumb Gusset"

I did not really care for the 34 sts width of these. A little too wide even for my wide hands. I assume when you work the cabled part it would draw in the hand for a tighter fit.


Inspired by Give-A-Hoot mittens I came up with these "Life Line" mittens.
I cut down the pattern to 32 sts wrist and body.
About 2-3 oz of worsted wt yarn and based on 32 sts for a snugger fit.
I'm calling them Life Line Mittens because the thumb gusset curves along the life line on your palm.

Recipe/Mods for Life Line Mittens

Inspired by Give-A-Hoot Mittens

About 2.5 – 3 oz of worsted wt yarn and needles to give you a gauge of 4 – 4 ½ sts per inch.

CO 32 sts, join in round and knit ribbing of our choice for 3.5”

Knit 4 rows in stockinette stitch.

Left Thumb Gusset
Rnd 1: K3, kfb next st, PM (place marker) K to end of row (33sts)
Rnds 2-9: Knit to 1 stitch before marker, kfb of that stitch, slip marker and knit to end of round.
You should end of with 41 total stitches.

Next row; Knit 13, place next 11 sts on a holder, cast on 2 sts on right hand needle and knit to end of round. (32 sts)

Knit until top of mitten just clears your little finger. This was about 5” from the base of my palm or from the beginning of the stockinette part. I have short fingers, so you might want to knit more rows for longer fingers.

Mitten Top
1. (K2tog, K6) 4x – 28 sts
2. Knit this row and every even row.
3. (K2tog, K5) 4x – 24 sts
5. (K2tog, K4) 4x – 20 sts
7: (K2tog, K3) 4x – 16 sts
9: (K2 tog, K2) 4x – 12 sts
10: K2 tog across, break yarn, gather up

From holder, pick up and knit 11 sts for thumb, 1 st in the corners and 2 sts at the base of thumb. (15 sts)
*On next round decrease at the corners so there are 13 sts total for thumb.
Divide on 3 needles and knit even about 2”.
Last row; knit 2 together across, break yarn and gather up.

Right Thumb Gusset
Rnd 1: K11, PM, kfb next st, K to end of row (33sts)
Rnds 2-9: Knit to marker, slip marker, kfb of next stitch, knit to end of round.
You should end of with 41 total stitches.

Next row; Place next 11 sts on a holder, cast on 2 sts on right hand needle and knit to end of round. (32 sts)
Knit body same as left hand mitten.

What's Next?
Having met puzzled out the new thumb gusset on one strand mittens, I've moved on to modifying my favorite 2 strand mitten pattern.

Red Rocks Mittens

#9 needles and 2 strands of knitting worsted
Thumb hole might be too large, I won't know yet until I work it.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Half Hexagons

I decided to "fill in the gaps" and make some half hexies for the sides.
I Googled around and looked at Ravelry hexagons, but could not find any thing that would work.

No Pictures available - somehow they disappeared from Flickr
Only one available is on Ravelry

This is how I made up the half hexie.

R1: 8 dc in a ring (however way you want to make the ring, I did a magic loop) Break yarn. DO NOT TURN

R2: Ch4, (2dc cluster in next DC, ch1) repeat 5x, ch1, dc in last dc. Break yarn do not turn.

R3: Ch3, dc in ch1 space, (ch1, 3dc’s in next ch 1 space) 5x, ch1, dc in ch1 space, dc in last dc. Break yarn.

R4: TURN hex motif to wrong side and start this row with a sc, ch2, (sc, ch3) 5x, ch2, sc in last stitch, TURN

R5: Ch4, 3dc in ch2 space, (3dc in next ch3 space, 3dc, ch2, 3dc in next ch 3 space) 2x, 3dc in next ch3 space, 3 dc in last ch2 space, dc in last dc.

Hopefully I typed this out right, but if in doubt you should look at the pictures.
Since I did not take a pic of the last row on the 2nd attempt, I do not have a model to go by. It fit so well I did not want to take if off the blanket ;)

So there might be an error on the last row - let me know :)

Which ever way you choose to make your half hexies fit is probably ok as long as they look good on your blanket!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Getting Closer To Completion

This Hexagon Blanket is coming along very quickly. It's so much fun to just pull out a motif and join it up to the next set.

Since I did not want the full blanket laying on my lap, I decided to work it in sections. Below you see that I am almost done with the sections and then I have to join them with motifs in between. For that I'll have to have the whole thing on my lap, or I just might work it on a table.

Here's a close up of the sections - so much color!

And to answer Knitting Angel's question of how I choose my colors.

I just throw everything into a plastic bin and pull out the next color.
IF I don't really, really like the combination or if it's too close to the first color, then I allow myself to pull out another one.
I also tried to alternate light and dark motifs. Sometimes that worked, and sometimes it didn't.
All in all they're still combining very well.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rainy Days Make For Lots of Knitting FO's

Finally some knitting pics!

These are knit with 2 strands of Lion Brand Magic Stripes. I was inspired by Lizzie and all those beautiful socks she knits. I also taught myself a new toe finish - the star toe.

Here's another pair based on the CIC sock pattern.
Yarn: Lion Brand Woolease.

I think I like making smaller socks!

Ugg Booties or Suede Booties

Whatever you want to call them, these are based on this pattern.
Suede Booties by Candi Jensen

So again I did not follow the pattern for the booties exactly. I modified the cuff part by adding some ribbing with a smaller needle.

Dandy Little Booties

Pattern: A Dandy Little Bootie
Somehow I made a mistake - I have garter ridges and there is not supposed to be any. Must make more and re-read the pattern!

Fair Isle Slippers
This used to be a free pattern awhile back, but not anymore.
It is now in the Bernat Great Gift Ideas #530181 booklet.

2 Strand Slippers

The above pair of slippers was based on Dilys Sutherland's Three Strand Slipper pattern. I knit them from the toe up and used 2 strands of knitting worsted.

Here's another tweedy pair from the same pattern as above. I guess I really like this pattern!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Slipping Along Here

Another quick knit are these slippers by Kathy North.

Pattern: Ballet Slippers
On Ravlery:

I used size 8 needles and worked a couple more decrease rounds because I wanted a taller/warmer top. So mine are not really "ballet" type slippers, just plain 'ole slippers.

Finished off 2 pairs of socks - need to take pictures.

On the needles right now:
1. Bond/ISM scarf
2. Ugg Booties

And can you believe that I only have 2 projects? I need to dig into that WIP pile and rescue some orphans!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bottom Up Boots

As promised my "mods" to Bernat's Organic Cotton Knit Booties.
(Link leads to Ravelry)

Please keep in mind that I am a very loose knitter, so #8 needles will give me a gauge of 3.5 sts in garter stitch. Use whatever needles give you that gauge or your slipper might be too big and the fabric to stretchy.

Bottom Up Boots

Based on Bernat’s Baby Booties
Knit with 2 strands of worsted wt yarn and #8 circular needles

CO 44 sts and place a marker in center

1. K

2. K (1 ridge made)

3. K1, m1, knit to 1 st before marker, m1, k1, slip marker, k1, m1, k to 1 st before end, m1, k1 (48 sts)

4. K 48 sts – 2 ridges made

5. Repeat Row 3 (52 sts)

6. K 52 sts – 3 ridges made

7. Repeat Row 3 (56 sts)

8. K 56 sts – 4 ridges made

9. Inc in center only (m1,k1, slip marker, k1, m1) (58 sts)

10. K 58 sts – 5 ridges made

11-14. Knit 58 sts – 7 ridges made

15. K across and dec in center by K2tog, k1, slip marker, k1, SSK (56 sts)

16. K 56 sts – 8 ridges made

17. Decrease as in row 15 (54 sts)

18. K 54 sts – 9 ridges made

19. Decrease as in row 15 (52 sts)

20. K 52 sts – 10 ridges made

21. Decrease as in row 15 (50 sts)

22. K 50 sts – 11 ridges made

23. K 15 sts, bind off 20, k 15 sts (30 sts)

24. K across 30 sts. This might be a little tight so you might want to try dp’s or longer circ using the magic loop technique. After a few rows it gets back to normal.

25-28. Knit – 14 ridges made

Bind off next row with #10 needle and sew up the seams that need sewing!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Christmas Present Revealed

This is what I knitted for the Grandson for Christmas 2008.

Every little boy (and big ones too) could use a Nintendo pillow in their room!

Side 1

Side 2

I made both sides on the knitting machine to fit an 18" pillow form.
Then I crocheted up 3 sides, used some white yarn to weave thru the stitches, making 4 sections for side 1. This was just a temporary guideline to help me place the stitches evenly. After all the duplicate stitching was done I just pulled the yarn out.

I found the two Mario Kart charts on Animal Crossing Ahead.
I had to adjust the original patterns which are in squares to a knitting type chart, where the height is taller than the width. Lots of time spent on Excel!

The Yoshi head was the one I used on his sweater a few years back. I think I used KnitPro to make that and this time I just downsized it to fit the pillow section.

For the 1up mushroom, I used this dishcloth chart.
I don't know much about Nintendo games and rules, so I made the mushroom red. Showed it to my son and he said that 1up mushrooms are supposed to be green! I had to carefully clip and pull out all the red and do it over with green. Oh what a mess that was!

The really neat Mario Jumping scene I found at the WikiKnitting site.
Lots of charts!

The Nintendo Logo - KnitPro again.

After all the duplicate stitching was done, I just finished crocheting the edges together.

He loves it!