Monday, May 07, 2007

Special Announcement Time

Time for a break in my regular scheduled knitting activities.

It's another Mitten Challenge for 2007 - 7 Pairs in 2007

Details on Ann's Blog here.

So here's my first pair - 6 more to go!

I used a 2 strands of knitting worsted and a very basic pattern.
Here are my "mods":
Cast on 24 sts, worked a k1,p1 cuff to the bottom of my hand, then a few more rows.
The thumb is EZ's famous afterthought thumb with waste yarn on 6 sts.
Knit until I was almost to the tip of my fingers and did decrease rounds.
Picked up thumb sts, added 2 more on each end, knit 2 rounds, then decreased them down to 13. I kept trying it on to see how far to fit my thumb and then decreased, gathered up and mittens were done!
They fit perfect! Someone on the Rez will fit into them too - I'll probably make more and have fun combining my yarns.

The crocheted squares blanket is officially an FO!

I used light worsted wt yarn from my stash. The multi-colored yarn for most of the centers is Moda-Dea Sassy Stripes. A good way to use up the sock yarn I bought and thought I would knit socks.

Here's a closer view.