Saturday, September 29, 2007

Brazilian Baby Sweater

I was let astray, far from my normal hunting grounds by Linda

She in turn was led astray by my adventure in Brazilian Sapatinhos!

She found instructions by Elaine on her YouTube page for lots of interesting crocheted projects.

So being adventurous I studied her videos to make this darling crocheted baby sweater.

They're all in Portuguese and while I do not understand the language, I can understand crocheting as I watch them.

So here is my finished sweater from her videos "CROCHE - V├ŹDEO SURPRESA 1" and consist of 4 parts.

I probably need to make another and lengthen the bottom but I ran out of pink yarn so I had to fudge the last parts.

Now to try a knit one!

I cast on for a knitted hexagon and instead of increasing every 3rd row, I am increasing every other row to get the floppy effect. Have to gather up that beginning row and close the hole.

Should be fun!

Meanwhile the Baby Bog is coming along. Will report on that in another post.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Baby Bog In Progress

As promised a picture of my current WIP - the Baby Bog by EZ.

I'm almost up to the armhole separation. Being all garter stitch it's an easy knit while watching the Fall TV shows!

Pattern can be found in Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Around book.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Last Mitten!

I finally finished my 21st mitten - my last pair for 3 sets of 7!

The pattern was found thru Ravelry and and comes from Joanna of Sweden.

Here's the pattern
It is a PDF file.
I used one strand of Lion Brand Magic Stripes and one strand of worsted wt stash yarn.
Pretty easy!

And I'm back from a one week stay in Tucson Arizona. I managed to find a yarn shop to visit :)
It was Purls. Very nice smaller size shop with a very helpful sales person. I was looking for an aqua cotton yarn to use for dishcloths for my sister. We already had chocolate brown, but she wanted aqua to match her bathroom colors.
And since I knitted them all while in Arizona and gave them to her - no pictures - my bad.....

Now to answer Anami:

Yes my pair of "little" booties turned up a bit big but I figured there were some cute little chubby feet at the Rez just waiting for them. I do not have the patience to knit them up in a baby yarn or sport weight. I think they would fold and feel better in a lighter yarn. Let me know if you do try them again! Thanks for the input - it always helps to have someone test knit these "experiments" of mine :)

I'll be posting my current WIPs soon - I came back and started about 3 more!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sewn Up Final Versions

Okay, they are all sewn up and the final decision has been made.

I like the ones with the garter stitch sole best, they are much easier to seam up and the bootee has a sort of flat base.

These are the second pair with no garter stitch sole and they gather at the bottom too, but not as neatly. I'll call them the Pumpkin Bootees!

Going on vacation! Taking the Baby Bog sweater with me and lots of dishcloth patterns.
Might buy some cotton at the LYS's I visit!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hey! It's An FO!

I had this Stockinette BSJ on the sidelines and I finally finished it!

Mods can be found at Panda Man's Knitting Corner

It helps to have knit a Baby Surprise Jacket before and I've knit dozens so I found this easy.

The only thing I did not like were MY increases and decreases. I think I was doing it wrong or else they just do not look as good in the stockinette. If you look at Panda Man's BSJ, you will see a much neater line.

I plan to knit up another and try again to see if I can improve the increase/decrease lines.

You have to have the original Baby Surprise Jacket pattern by Elizabeth Zimmermann to make this stockinette pattern. Go see his page for more details!

Here's a picture at the halfway point.

Sapatinho experimenting still going on and I just have to seam those little guys up.

Will post the results next, but I am leaning toward the 2nd pair I made with the garter stitch bottom. Easy to seam!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


My interpretation of Tricollage's Sapatinhos.

The grey yarn was threaded afterwards to gather the ends.

My Mods:

I used worsted wt yarn and cast on 20 sts, knit about 20 rows/10 ridges.
Bound off 4 or 5 for cuff part then worked garter stitch on the left 4 sts (sole) and
I made ribbed welts of knit and purl - 3 rows each.
About 15 welts and cast on 4/5 sts on the right side for the other half of the cuff.
These will be seamed in the back.

Sole with ribbed part gathered up ready to seam.

These were fun to make. You can explore other countries for new and interesting patterns
by finding out the words in their language for that item.

Try Googling sapatinho, sapatinho de bebe, sapatinho trico for Portuguese sites.
I've found some great adult slipper patterns - those will be next!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Side - Tracked!

I was catching up on old posts on one of my Yahoo Groups and found a reference to Dansk Baby Bootees. Seems the pattern is not readily available to purchase.

These Bootees were first seen here, on Bente's Blog. They are so adorable!

Well you know me.... I love to fiddle with patterns :)

My Little Ribbed Toe Bootee

This is what I came up with and while it looks simple enough,
I still do not think I have it right.

I used worsted wt yarn and cast on 20 sts.

I worked garter stitch for 40 rows, 20 ridges - a square.

Bound off 8 sts, leaving 12 to knit to the end.

Then I made ribbed welts of

Knit and purl - 3 rows each, for about 19 welts.

Bound off and sewed the 12 stitch end to the corresponding cast on sts.

Then gathered up top and bottom welts.

Top view where you can see where I gather up the ribbed welts.

This is the bottom (sole) view of my prototype.

I do not like the pointy heel end but since I do not have the original pattern and there are no pictures of the bottoms - I had to guess.
I might be missing something here, so it's back to the drawing board.
OR maybe it is because I used worsted wt yarn and not baby type yarn.

AND then I really got sidetracked all the way to Brazil!
Found these cute Sapatinhos on Tricollage's Blog, but the instructions are in Portuguese....
These are something like the Dansk Bootees and I think I am going to try these next.