Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mitten Tutorial - Step 1

Are you ready? Well here goes - my very first mitten tutorial!

We'll be working on just the small size for now - I'll add the next size up on the actual pattern.

Step 1

Cast on 32 sts and knit in rib of your choice for 3 1/4"

I like 2x2 rib, so I used that - does not matter what you choose.
3 1/4" for me worked out to about 22 rows.

Tomorrow I'll post the next step.

Can't think of a name for this pattern - they're nameless right now!


Mimi said...

GRRRR I would be doing this mitten, but I am leaving for the big city. My youngest son needs help with a huge project redo on all his hard wood floors. So when I get back I am going to go for it. What fun!.

qt_bee said...

hello i was going through sites of how to knit a mitten as i have not knitted a mitten before and found your site to be really helpful with pictures and lots of instructions.
However, can you please tell me what kind of yarn I should be using and what kind of needles should i use?
This is my 1st time knitting a mitten so I got many questions.
Thanks for your help!

qt_bee said...

hi. i've just finished knitting this pattern but the size of this mitten is too small for my hands.
How can i make a bigger mitten using this pattern?
do i just cast on more sticthes?