Sunday, June 01, 2008

Explanations & Mittenz

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Did I confuse anyone with posting my dad's WWI picture?

Most of you probably have grandfather's that were in "The Great War" and you are probably thinking that I must really be old...

Well I AM old, just not that old LOL! I was born way after my brother and sisters were born.
Dad was a very proud father at 53 years old and mom was not too bad herself at 42 years of age.

I wish I knew more about his WWI service, but the records from that time were destroyed in a fire. So I do not know what battles he might have been in or if he ever was in combat.
I did find several medals of his and passed them on to my nephew who is in the military service.

So now on to my Felting Experiments.

For my 49th pair of Mittenz I used this pattern and here is a picture
pre-washing machine.

Here they are afterwards

They seem to have felted down to a nice size and the only thing I would change for next time is the thumb width and length. Those thumbs do look a wee bit skinny...

Now for the following big blue mittens! I made these on my Innovations Knitting Machine.
I started them way back in March but never got around to felting them.
Here they are before their trip thru the washer.

And here they are after.

They are about 10.5" long from end of cuff to tip and about 4.5" wide at the palm.

There are just two things I might change if I decide to make more.
I'd shorten the cuff length as I think it is too long and I'd make a less pointy mitten tip.

Hopefully they will fit a large sized hand.


LizzieK8 said...

Comments seem to be working okay now. Must have been a momentary Blogger issue as several blogs were hard to open.

hakucho said...

Those felted mittens will be great for playing in the snow :)