Thursday, June 05, 2008

Did You Say Hatz?

Today I'll be working on Hatz for 2008. This challenge is not official yet, but I have to get a jump on Lizzie - she already has 5 Hatz!

Here is her cute button I'm stealing for my sidebar. Go check out her blog and you'll see the lovely hatz she has already made.

2 hats were sitting in the NAS bin. I made them in April and had not gotten around to mailing them so I'm counting them!

Hat #1 is the Butterfly Hat - my hat here.

And here is Hat #2

Hat #3 is really bright pink! More thrift store yarn and no particular pattern.
I just cast on for a 20" head and did some ribbing and added some purl bumps along the way.

Here is #4 almost done - just needs the ends woven in.
It's the Checkerboard Mesa Hat by Nanette Blanchard and available for purchase on Ravelry and here.

What I found while digging thru the Wips - I forgot I had started these before my April Colorado trip .

And that's not all I found.....
I had to re-organize all my forlorn and forgotten Wips that were shoved to the side during Mad Mitten Making.
Here is what I found - about 10 little baskets all lined up and waiting for me to "get with it".

I'm still working on the other mitten mate for pair #49 and I have a few more mitten patterns I want to try - so there will still be mitten knitting - just not so much.

Have to finish those blankets and I found another cute little sweater pattern on Ravelry.
Yes, I cast on for it already....


Wool Winder said...

Your work for charity inspires me. I love the hats!

LizzieK8 said...

I actually worked on a project for ME yesterday. One of my UFOs sitting in the cupboard, out of sight, crying softly.....

Oh, but I did work on a Hatz, too, upstairs in the evening while watching Stonehenge Decoded. :)

Kathy said...

Oh yes you are an overachiever! Great hats