Friday, September 19, 2008

Changing Gears

Update On The Blanket Blitz

Now through January 15, 2009, our Yahoo NAS Group will be making

4" knit or crochet squares in BABY COLORS ONLY, sport or worsted acrylic yarn


9" knit or crochet squares, any colors, worsted acrylic yarn

We will be sending all squares to:

NAS Blanket Blitz
19510 Van Buren Blvd.
Riverside, Ca. 92508

I will be one of the "assemblers" having fun joining up all the squares to make blankets.

We have a blog too, showcasing blankets, squares, tips, etc.
Native American Support Blanket Blitz

If you prefer to make a complete blanket, afghan, quilt, laprobe - that's great!

February 1, 2009 is the final date to send completed afghans, quilts and blankets for babies through adults, knitter's choice (please label all wool blankets).

Send the completed blankets to the "Main"

Julie Garreau-Project Director
Billy Mills Youth Center (The Main)
8200 East Lincoln Street
P O Box 410
Eagle Butte, SD 57625

I've been working on several blankets and lots of squares. One of my projects is a hexagon blanket. I've even got my sis Rita, crocheting little hexagons for me.
Here's a big shoebox full that she sent.
The plan, once we coordinated our finished hexagon diameter, is to connect them with white. That should be a pretty colorful blanket.
When I get around to joining them, I'll post the progress and some links on how to join.


I've finished my last pair and have to take pics, finish filling the box and pack and ship. It really does give me a very happy feeling to know that there will be more warm hands and heads at the Rez this winter.

Other Projects
I finished that small baby hat and it is small - infant sized.
Lizzie said I should have cast on 80 sts and next time I am going to do just that!

One pair of slipper socks are finished and I'm doing great on the other pair on two circs.

That's all for today as I am resting up from all the walking I did yesterday.
We went to the LA County Fair. Fun, but oh so tiring....

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