Sunday, September 28, 2008

Keeping Track Of Hatz

And so I said I was going to go thru my knitting projects yesterday...
Guess what I found? Hatz! I had stored them away somewhere different from where I usually keep them.

So now I have all my hats to take pictures and I had a picture that included the 6 hats I mailed out last Friday.
I went back and looked at all my posts and photos in my computer and I've found out I have made a total of 44 hats since Jan 2008.
38 of these I've made for the Rez.

But wait! My sidebar says 22....
Looking back at my posts I see that I started counting for a Hat Blitz I thought was going to start soon.
I started with the yellow butterfly hat as #1

So thanks to BigHugeLabs, I made this mosaic of all my hats from 1-22

I think I'll take Lizzie's advice and bring down my finished hats to the computer area and COUNT them!

Meanwhile here are some pics of the latest hatz.


LizzieK8 said...

Good job!!!! That's a lot of hatz! Glad you found them all and got them corralled in one area!

Wool Winder said...

44! Way to go! You knit so many hats, I think it's only natural to lose track of the count now and then.