Monday, May 05, 2008

Too Many Ideas

And not enough time to knit them up!

I mentioned that the Kidlett mittens were in the testing phase.
Have not heard from my test knitters yet so I'm waiting for corrections or comments before I post the pattern.

Meanwhile back in the lab.....

I decided to convert the Wristerz pattern into mittens.

Here is what I came up with - Ocoze Mittens

(Ocoze means warm in Lakota)

Below you can see the two sts that are left at the end before you turn around.
I keep track by placing a marker on the ridge before the short row.

Here you see the marker, then two ridges then I mark the next ridge because I will be short rowing in this next row.

Pattern will follow soon - it is really easy - it's just the Wristerz again with short rowing at the tip and adding the full thumb like in my original Sideways mittens.

Babette Is Growing!

This is what is slowing my mitten knitting. I'm just having too much fun choosing the colors and adding the squares!


Wool Winder said...

Really cute patterns you're coming up with! I like seeing how you keep track of when to make a short-row. Those markers are my favorite kind. I'd be lost without mine.

Monika said...

Ah, you are so fast with all your blankets! This one will be gorgeous!

f. pea said...

I can see why! That afghan looks totally addictive.