Friday, May 16, 2008

Can I Beat The Heat?

If you are reading my blog anywhere besides here ( - it's been stolen and reposted. Always check the address bar to see if you are on the correct site.
This is called blog scraping and people do it to make money by diverting traffic to their site.
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Babette Is Growing

I'm trying to beat the heat and still work on the Babette Blanket. Crocheting the squares is tolerable in the heat, but seaming is another story.

Panel #8 is done and seamed up early this morning.

Mittenz Update

4th Set of 8

A Pair of Ocoze Mittens

Needs a little more tweeking....

Garter Stitch Paw Warmers

Great pattern from Panda Man's Knitting & Crochet

Pattern for Paw Warmers
Yarn - worsted wt

5 Pairs of Kidlett Mittens

A Pair of Crocheted Mittens

From Angel Hugs site

Crochet Mittens For The Family

Worsted wt yarn and a G hook


Pandaman said...

Great Mittenz! Your Paw Warmers look Very Nice - Love the colors! :o) Nice to know you like my pattern! :o)

Love Ya,

James - Panda Man :o)

LizzieK8 said...

You've been busy. The Babette is gorgeous. I feel like I need to do a mittnz marathon this weekend.... Just to try and ketchup.

Wool Winder said...

I love the way the blanket is turning out.

You are really going to town on the mittens!

Monika said...

Can't believe that you are battling the heat already. It's cold here, and rainy. Working on a blanket would be nice. :o) The mittens grow like mushrooms around here. :o)

Suzann said...

Do you realize that this whole post, pictures and all has been posted at another blog?
A friend had blog posts lifted and I remembered seeing your afghan before.
No idea what you can do about the stolen blog pages