Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Here's hoping you are all having a great day - I am!

I've been very busy all week, crocheting the Babette Blanket for my grandson.

Finished section 7 and getting ready to start section 8. It's so much fun to work with lots of colors and different shapes. I'm not getting bored in the least bit!

Mittenz Update

I'm up to pair #28 and still working on those "test" patterns.

The other wips have fallen to the side for now.


Anonymous said...

Your Babette is beautiful! You inspire me.


hakucho said...

Your Babette Blanket is truly a work of art...gorgeous :)

Kathy said...

Amazing babbette. I KNEW yours would be. My you have such talent

remaining in awe

kathy b

Gail said...

Just beautiful Mariella! I may have to give it a try.

Nancy said...

I am loving your Babette.