Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Hole In One

This is why I don't do knitted socks for myself.

Remember these slipper socks? I just had finished them in January and now I've worn a hole in the sole. Could be because they were not knit at a tighter gauge, could be the yarn type, could be I wore them too much. And yes I do drag my feet, one foot in particular because I have a slight scoliosis back problem - so I cannot fix that, but I really like warm slippers.

The crocheted ones seem to be holding up better but I prefer knitted ones.
So I fiddled around with a generic garter stitch type slipper and left the sole part until last.
I picked up 12 sts at the black stripe and knitted back towards the heel, picking up and knitting together the ends of the cuff stitches.
The plan is that when I wear a hole in the sole, I can unravel it and re-do it. We'll see....

At least they are bright and cheery!


debbie said...

Have you tried EZ's mocassin sock pattern?

Wool Winder said...

You always use the best combinations of colors. It must come from having such a big stash of yarn to choose from. I think the replaceable sole is a good idea.

Bobbisox said...

Do you think that maybe the bottom of the slipper got caught somehow? I had that happen to me on a nail coming up from the metal shims that edge the tiles in the kitchen. I did repair it and it was as good as new.

btw, I worked in Fontana for about 12 years