Sunday, February 11, 2007

Machine Knit Plus Hand Knit Fun

Here's another example of my wierd machine and handknit experiments.
I love handknitting fairisle - I hate doing it on the machine. I've tried but I get much better results by hand knitting.
Started this little sweater - another Mary Rich Goodwin pattern - and here you can see I've completed it up to the part where you separate the sleeves from the body.

I then hung each sleeve, front and back on my knitting machine and knit the stockinette part.

Now I will just work the fairisle borders and ribbing by hand and then sew up the seams.
I'm pretty good at seaming up so I don't mind that part.

Pam asked what kind of machine I am using. It's a Bond aka Incredible Sweater Machine aka Ultimate Sweater Machine.
It sure comes in handy for those stockinette parts!


Wool Winder said...

I really like the way you combine hand knitting and machine knitting.

Monika said...

Oh, this colore combination is so great! I agree, knitting stockinett with the machine is great. I can't do it nicely by hand, not that I have a machine. My purl rows are too loose.

nielsenstrik said...

It´s great!!

Vada said...

Looks very nice!

Anonymous said...

Now that is an adorable sweater you're really making me want a knitting machine more and more and more. :-D

-Spinner Mom/crackers (who cannot find her password to sign in but felt compelled to comment! :-))