Friday, April 13, 2007

Mystery FO's

A mystery to me why I did not blog about these!

I knit these back in February and found them as I was packing up a box to send to the Rez.
They are made on my knitting machine and the top and side seams sewn up later.

Should have posted them on Easter as they sorta look like Easter Eggs!

Here are the two folded up on one side and

the "other sides/hats"

Now for a slightly bigger size below.

This is what the it looks like opened.


Molly said...

Very cute hats! Love the pastel one.

Monika said...

They are beyond cute! I'd like to have one in adult size, please. I think this concept is great. This winter the ice cold wind was blowing through my knitted hats, and this double deal should do the trick!

Wool Winder said...

The more I read your blog, the more interested I am in buying a knitting machine. I bet those work up quickly. Love the reversibility and the double thick warmth.

hakucho said...

Those are the best hats! Very warm...I made a couple very similar oh so many years ago with double points.

happy knitting :)
P.S. You must be a smoking hot needles reader...right you are about my shawl :)