Monday, June 29, 2009

Mitten Tutorial - Step 4

Is everyone still with me?
I thought I'd give you a few days to complete step 3.

Step 4:

After you have 44 total stitches your mitten should look like this

And you just finished a knit row.

Next Purl Row - Purl 29 sts and turn. Don't purl past the marker.

This is what it looks like after you turn

Now you are ready to knit the thumb.

Thumb: Edited July 4th - changed # of rows to 12

Knit 13 sts, marking this row as row 1 and knit 12 total rows on these 13 sts.

This is the beginning of the thumb part with a marker.

Any questions?


Kathy said...

Just one. I have so much trouble on double points with finger/thumb rounds. Maybe this is a better way for me after all. I had thought I would wait for the in the round pattern. Now I am thinking I will knit the two needles way first. I am glad I can go back to these posts in a week or so when I am ready to start. These will say in the archives right?

qt_bee said...

hmmm i think i get it on this part lol. I will try and see.
I just want to know what size are your dpn's?