Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Is The Water Hot Enough?

I don't think the water was hot enough today.
It was a cold last night for So Cal - around 36 degrees.

Threw my socks in the washer with some sweats and a few hand towels.
They took awhile to start felting not as quick as the last time. And this was the same yarn I used on the squares slippers. So I'm blaming it on the water temp.
I even put them in the dryer for a few minutes and that seemed to help shrink them down a little more.

I don't want to stick my foot inside them right now while they are damp so I won't stretch them out too much. I did try both of them on before they went into the dryer and they did fit.
Maybe a smidge too long. The width is just about right, but that is for my wide foot with socks on.

These will be going to the Rez for Heet The Feet as I am sure they will fit some poor swollen feet. There are many who suffer from Diabetes that would love these slippers.

Next time I am going to try less rows - good thing I kept a row count! But since this is a 44 needle machine, I cannot do anything about the width. Maybe a lighter wt wool yarn might work..... back to the drawing board (knitting machine)!


Wool Winder said...

They look very warm and cozy. And I'm sure they will fit someone.

AmyS said...

They are beautiful and will be wonderfully warm!

Jehan said...

did you do this socks on innovations knitting mill?