Monday, February 11, 2008

Cranky Hats & One Potholder

I just had to crochet this potholder! I was visiting My Boring Life's Blog and I was enticed by all the pretty potholders she has crocheted.

So easy, so simple and I have lots of cotton yarn to choose from.

Pattern with lots of good pictured instructions is here.

Been playing with my new toy here - the Innovations Adult Knitting Machine.

We even started up a group on Ravelry - called Crank Knitters - come join us!

I've been making hats, but they are not really large enough for an adult. Since the machine only has 44 sts, they come out best for infants or small children.

Below is an experiment that I did to make the hat a bit larger/wider.
I knit the tube, took it off the machine, finished one end and then dropped 4 sts evenly spaced around. Probably not a great idea for a single layer hat but with a double layered one - not too bad and it fit my 23" noggin better than the smaller ones.

I used worsted wt from the stash

Picture is of both sides.

The dropped stitch effect is probably better for a scarf and that's what I am working on next!

Still knitting away on those Heet The Feet slippers and booties!

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LizzieK8 said...

If you could figure out a way to drop sts in different locations on each hat, there wouldn't be holes.....

I'm still debating on getting one of those machines. I wish it made bigger!