Friday, February 01, 2008

Felting Experiment In Progress

So okay - I've played around with knitting up little hats on the machine.
Now to get down to some experimenting.

Why not felted socks? So I used the Fuzzy Feet pattern from as a guidline and knit up this tube. The pattern called for 44 sts to be cast on and the machine has 44 needles.
I used waste yarn at the beginning and end and on 22 needles for the afterthought heel.
The gauge on the machine knit tube with worsted wt wool was 3.5 sts & 5.5 rows to one inch. Found the right needle size to match that and made me a toe and heel!

Just have to finish the 2nd one and toss them into the washer.

Another quick fix project was a pair of crocheted booties.
Found this cute pattern in one of my older books,
Woman's Day Bazaar Best Sellers 1983.

Another little pair for Heet The Feet!

And I finally felted these slippers made from squares.
I started these in November and never got around to felting them.
They're the Easy Felted House Slippers from Craft Magazine.

There is also a very helpful video on YouTube to show you how to fold them up.

Folding The Norwegian House Slippers


f. pea said...

hey, very cool! i've been really into slippers lately too... i love your norwegian house slippers. super modern old-fashioned!

Monika said...

The Norwegian house slippers look fantastic!!!

Antoinette said...

where can I get this pattern for these slippers. I love them