Friday, January 04, 2008

Welcome 2008!

Lots of pictures today!

Here's the last FO for 2007 - another Thorpe Hat.

Size 7 & 8 needles, Bernat Softee Chunky purchased at Smiley's.

Now for 2008's FO's

These are Basic Fingerless Mittens - pattern from Crochet Me site.

I used an F crochet hook for my gauge and some aged Columbia Minerva Shannon.
This was a really easy, easy pattern!

So easy that it led me to improvise and turn them into mittens!
Same F hook and some aged Bernat's Soft n' Cozy yarn.

I just continued after the 7th row and started decreasing by 4 every other row until 8 sts.
About the same with the thumb, only I picked up 14 sts and crochet until 2 rows less desired length, then I started sc 2 together until 6 sts were left.

And another earflap hat - this time EZ's Maltese Fisherman's Hat with two strands of knitting worsted and #11 needles.


Still have some 2007 Wips and some new ones.

A Hooded Baby Poncho from Lion Brand

The Golden Compass Hat from Froggie Meanie

A Sponge Bob Hat from Kody May Knits

And a few others that are hibernating for now.

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Wool Winder said...

Great projects! Which EZ book is the fisherman's hat in? I know a fisherman that could use a warm hat like that.