Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is Wednesday WIP Day?

Yeah! I finally finished the crocheted squares afghan. It's pretty colorful and warm looking!

Finished a poncho I started last month using up even more stash. Pattern here

KFYS Report (Confession)

Well I am happy that I can crochet more without my wrists hurting. I just have to remember to switch from crocheting to knitting and rotate the crafts.

And, I've been using up more stash by crocheting up the leftovers from the bigger blankets into little grannies. But when I went to Joann's today to buy some buttons, these 3 fellows jumped in my shopping cart and came home with me.....

Little 8 point star still needs a few more rows and thanks to a reader I think I have a source for a knitted chevron/ripple type blanket.

Answer to Monika about the Curve of Pursuit I started last year. No I have not forgotten it, I am just "aging" it :) - seriously I do have it out and in my conga line of Wips.


Monika said...

Wow! Your crochet afhgan is wonderful! Such a great color choice! You did a fantastic job! The poncho is sweet and I'm waiting patiently to see the Curve of Pursuit. ;o)

Vada said...

Amazing! I'm sorry I haven't commented lately, but I have been reading, and everything you've done is beautiful! You really have an eye for color-and a stash to match! The sweaters, divine! I saw a BOND machine at a garge sale the other day, and I immediately thought of all wonderful things you have created. Unfortunately, it wasn't in great shape. Again, beautiful work!

Wool Winder said...

I know I say this all the time, but you have a great talent for combining colors. The afghan and poncho are beautiful. And of course you needed to add those three colors to your stash. Even a large stash needs to be fed a once in a while.

MikKnits said...

I love the colors you used in your granny square afghan. I just don't have the patience for all those squares. Great job! I will be posting progress pictures of my 8 point wavy afghan on my blog so you can see how it's working up, in case you're interested.