Saturday, March 17, 2007

Knitting For The Wee Ones

I've gone into a baby sweater knitting zone! I just had to make another Mossy Jacket and this time I used some baby weight yarn from my stash. I really do not like knitting with lightweight yarn of this type, so I doubled it up and followed the instructions and added some cute kitty buttons.

And I could not resist starting another Free Pattern From f.Pea. This is so cute!
It's an Organic Guernsey - well mine is just plain old Red Heart, but it's still looking good!

8 Point Star Update

I've been adding more rows and here is what it looks like today!


Tracy said...

Another cute sweater pattern to add to my to-knit list!

Wool Winder said...

The previous comment was from me. I was logged in under a different account and didn't notice until I pushed the publish button.


Dipsy said...

The Mossy Jacket you did is so amazingly beautiful and the buttons are such a cute detail - amazing! I also really love your 8-point-star, the colours go along so beautifully together! Gorgeous work!