Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Will I Have Enough Yarn?

So I'm off to Colorado tomorrow. I'm still packing right now and wondering just how much yarn to take.... I remember last time I ran out of yarn!
If I could handle 2 suitcases by myself, I would pack another one with yarn.
But carrying my purse, and my carry-on with laptop AND one big suitcase will be all I can handle.
I've packed plenty of patterns and I've got more on my Ravelry Queue. Now that's one good thing about Ravlery - you can access your patterns anywhere as long as you have a printer!
But I have a plan -I'll try to hit Hobby Lobby in my first week there and stock up on yarn!

Going Square Crazy!
I very excited about our latest Blanket Blitz and have been knitting and crocheting squares with lots of colors! I already had some 6" squares, but added on a few more rows to get the 9" required.

The little hexagons are my contribution towards a blanket that I will be sending to the Main.

Telemark Pullover

I'm almost done with the Telemark Pullover( a free Ravelry download).
When I took this picture I was going to work both sleeves at the same time on circs. That idea did not work out too well as I would have been juggling 4 strands of yarn. I'm alternating a varigated with a solid to make sure I have enough yarn.


Finished my blue pair of mitts for the NAS Mitten KAL! I love this Lion Brand pattern and I have more chunky yarn so I'll probably make more pairs. Next time I plan to convert this flat needle pattern to the round - no seaming !

Remember these I started on 2 circs? Guess I was not in the mood for 2 circs because I could not go on with them. I ripped them out and made another pair.

This is what I made - a simple 2 needle mitten, knit both at the same time on 2 pairs of straights. They're a k2,p2 rib which makes seaming nearly invisible and the mitten a snug fit.

Don't they look like little saguaro cacti?


Wool Winder said...

Maybe you should start a stash of yarn and leave it in Colorado. Have fun on your trip!

LizzieK8 said...

Does Colorado not have any yarn stores? ;)

You've been busy again! Great stuff!