Sunday, August 19, 2007

Who Said I Don't Knit Socks?

Here is a cute pair. The pattern call for fluffy angora,
hence the name "Angel Booties"

When you use sport wt yarn, you get socks.

These knit up quickly, but those little #3 dps are a pain to maneuver around and I've tried the "Magic Loop" - don't really like it. I get the concept and can do it, but somehow I don't enjoy the part where you slide the loop.

Now For A Two Needle Pattern

Thanks to a fellow NAS member that posted the link to this pattern for
Little Kid Socks . I like these better as they are knit on two needles.

I'll be finished with these soon, but I am getting ideas as I knit along to "marry" both patterns.

Meanwhile a few more hats have been done!

Standard 2x2 rib with combined smaller weight yarns.

Another of Tammy's Flap Hats.

The "Jos" hat. Pattern no longer on the www, at least I can't find it.

The two hats above were knit with the same yarn combination but my camera did not capture the correct color on the Jos hat.

Child's Earflap Cap by Robin Hansen from IK Spring 1999


Sarah said...

Very cute! I have been knitting hats all the time too!

Wool Winder said...

You've been busy. Everything is so cute. The Little Kid Socks have a very interesting construction. Great for those who don't enjoy knitting in the round.

Kelly said...

I love the hats, such pretty colors.

Callie Karen said...

The Little Kid Socks are so cool! You do amazing things with yarn :)

Mimi said...

Just love all your projects. The socks I have got to try. Thanks for sharng the link. I donate so the pattern will be put to good use.