Thursday, August 16, 2007

Love and Hate Relationship

Curve of Pursuit 2
Originally uploaded by Nonni Mariella
Almost there! I had to take this off the needles and put the ends on waste yarn just to take a picture.
I'm also trying out this "Post from Flickr" blogging feature.

I love this blanket, but I hate knitting it!

Clicking on the picture takes you over to my Flickr photo album where I am working on uploading my projects and my stash. Ravelry maddness has taken hold....

Updated Questions about this blanket pattern:

The Curve of Pursuit is a pattern by Pat Ashforth and
Steve Plummer
For details go to their site - Wooly Thoughts
I bought my copy from them via Ebay.
They have even more interesting patterns!


Monika said...

Oh wow, it's looking good so far!

Wool Winder said...

One day the knitting will be over. It's beautiful!

joniTX21 said...

That is one incredible blanket, I love it! Is there a pattern available for it?
joni in TX