Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What the Haek does Haekelbeutel Mean?

It means a crocheted bag!

I used odds and ends of Sugar n' Cream yarns and a size F crochet hook.

AND - I just had to start another 8 point star blanket.
Pattern from Trinket's Crochet Blog.
I'm calling this my Sun Star Blanket.

Here's the cabled mittens I knit with the Knifty Knitter Blue Loom.
Pattern was only available for a limited time from the Ravelry LAL.

Well I thought the loom knitting was fun, but too slow for me, so using the pattern as inspiration I used double points to knit another pair with k1p1 ribbing.

A little more on the HEET the FEET 2008 Challenge

Woolwinder wondered how many knitters participated in our Heet the Feet 2008 Challenge.
Well we do have about 230 members in our group, but only 29 of those members were responsible for sending in the 717 pairs!


Monika said...

Your crochet bag looks great. You have a wonderful sense of colors, which is apparent with your crochet star also. I'm itching to do some crochet and a star blanket would be nice. I made my crochet bag with knitted squares, maybe this time I'll give it a try with crochet? ;o)

Wool Winder said...

I really love the colors in the star blanket--bright and happy!

Only 29 to make 717 pairs? I'm truly impressed. Congrats again.

Kathy said...

you have the best sense of color. i wish you could pick colors for me and then i'd knit. second career?