Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bottom Up Boots

As promised my "mods" to Bernat's Organic Cotton Knit Booties.
(Link leads to Ravelry)

Please keep in mind that I am a very loose knitter, so #8 needles will give me a gauge of 3.5 sts in garter stitch. Use whatever needles give you that gauge or your slipper might be too big and the fabric to stretchy.

Bottom Up Boots

Based on Bernat’s Baby Booties
Knit with 2 strands of worsted wt yarn and #8 circular needles

CO 44 sts and place a marker in center

1. K

2. K (1 ridge made)

3. K1, m1, knit to 1 st before marker, m1, k1, slip marker, k1, m1, k to 1 st before end, m1, k1 (48 sts)

4. K 48 sts – 2 ridges made

5. Repeat Row 3 (52 sts)

6. K 52 sts – 3 ridges made

7. Repeat Row 3 (56 sts)

8. K 56 sts – 4 ridges made

9. Inc in center only (m1,k1, slip marker, k1, m1) (58 sts)

10. K 58 sts – 5 ridges made

11-14. Knit 58 sts – 7 ridges made

15. K across and dec in center by K2tog, k1, slip marker, k1, SSK (56 sts)

16. K 56 sts – 8 ridges made

17. Decrease as in row 15 (54 sts)

18. K 54 sts – 9 ridges made

19. Decrease as in row 15 (52 sts)

20. K 52 sts – 10 ridges made

21. Decrease as in row 15 (50 sts)

22. K 50 sts – 11 ridges made

23. K 15 sts, bind off 20, k 15 sts (30 sts)

24. K across 30 sts. This might be a little tight so you might want to try dp’s or longer circ using the magic loop technique. After a few rows it gets back to normal.

25-28. Knit – 14 ridges made

Bind off next row with #10 needle and sew up the seams that need sewing!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Christmas Present Revealed

This is what I knitted for the Grandson for Christmas 2008.

Every little boy (and big ones too) could use a Nintendo pillow in their room!

Side 1

Side 2

I made both sides on the knitting machine to fit an 18" pillow form.
Then I crocheted up 3 sides, used some white yarn to weave thru the stitches, making 4 sections for side 1. This was just a temporary guideline to help me place the stitches evenly. After all the duplicate stitching was done I just pulled the yarn out.

I found the two Mario Kart charts on Animal Crossing Ahead.
I had to adjust the original patterns which are in squares to a knitting type chart, where the height is taller than the width. Lots of time spent on Excel!

The Yoshi head was the one I used on his sweater a few years back. I think I used KnitPro to make that and this time I just downsized it to fit the pillow section.

For the 1up mushroom, I used this dishcloth chart.
I don't know much about Nintendo games and rules, so I made the mushroom red. Showed it to my son and he said that 1up mushrooms are supposed to be green! I had to carefully clip and pull out all the red and do it over with green. Oh what a mess that was!

The really neat Mario Jumping scene I found at the WikiKnitting site.
Lots of charts!

The Nintendo Logo - KnitPro again.

After all the duplicate stitching was done, I just finished crocheting the edges together.

He loves it!