Monday, October 29, 2007

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Two FO's To Report!

The Lil' Darlin' sweater from Dot is done. It was a fun pattern but I got a bit tired of all the double crochet shells. They eat up inches and it seems like you are never going to get done. But the end result is a very nice heavier baby sweater. Just right for a little one in the coming cold months.

And I finished my sister's scarf! The pattern was "Yo Drop It" from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation.
Very easy pattern only I ran out of Karabella's Magic yarn so I improvised. I had lots more of the Kid Silk's Haze, so I doubled that up and knit extensions on either end with a sort of ruffle.

This Week's Wips

1. My "Rescued Squares Afghan" - I am having fun crocheting different granny squares to add

2. Another Baby Bog by EZ - Trying to make this one smaller than the last one

3. A crocheted squares babyghan. I'm using up all the lt wt yarn double. Not a fan of baby wt yarn.

4. Dishcloths mostly from this pattern

5. A slip stitch hat from Lion Brand's Just Hats book.

6. Another One Row Scarf but knitting it sideways on 182 sts - hopefully it will be long enough.

7. Purple Mittens from this pattern

8. A hat from Elaine in Brazil - Following her YouTube Video Instructions

For now that is enough!

And I have a few more FO's waiting to get their pictures taken.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Eeek - A Spider!

I really do NOT like spiders, but I had a request for another spider hat.

Last year I made s spider hat for my daughter, inspired by these Halloween Hats from Sally.

This year she requested another hat for one of her students. She's a biology teacher so I had to make sure Mr Spider had 8 legs!
Spiders do have 8 legs don't they?

I used the Easy Knit Hat pattern from Lion Brand Yarn - Just Hats book.

The spider I made up by crocheting a circle and in one stitch, I worked a sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc to make a head. The legs are added on by chaining and slip stitching back around the body.
French knots for the eyes and attach spider to the web!

Just have to sew up one loose strand you can see in the picture :)

Other Knitting:

Working on a Drop Stitch Scarf, baby booties, 2 crocheted squares blankets (how did that happen?), another EZ Baby Bog sweater and a knitted blanket.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Old Challenges & New Ones

I have neglected to report the results of the Mittnz Challenge for 2007.

Our Group at Yahoo - NativeAmericanSupport - mailed off to the reservation,

398 hats
405 pairs mittens/gloves/wristers

How about that!

Next year it will be 8 pairs for 2008!

The latest challenge - "Warm Up Box" - is another good one.

Basically you fill up a box - any box shoe sized or larger - with warm items, knit, crocheted, bought, etc.
Mail your box out by Dec 1st.

You can see Carol's box on her blog - I'll be posting a pic of my box soon.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Scrap Blankets

Nine Patch Scrap Blanket

I finally finished my summer project - the Nine Patch Scrap Blanket.
I started this in May and it was easy to work on thru the hot summer months because you just knit one square at a time. Also easy to carry around :)

Since these are little tubes knit in the round, all you do is knit, knit, knit, throwing in colors and patterns wherever you want.

Below is the back of the blanket.

Pattern in my Ravelry Store (you don't have to be a member)

Square Rescue Blanket

I rescued these squares from the local thrift shop - aren't they pretty?

I could not resist adding my own and attaching them as I go along.
Found these great tutorial for JoinAsYouCrochet on Yarncat's site.

For now this is a WIP

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another Week's Fun With Knitting

One Row Scarf

The famous Yarn Harlot's One Row Scarf is done! It was a pleasure to knit this up.
Such an easy pattern to remember while watching tv.

Knit with JoAnn's Rainbow Sensations Yarn - the fuzzy one and #13 needles.

I have plenty of yarn left, so I think I'll use WoolWinder's suggestion and try one sideways!

Another view

Pantufas Em Croche from Elaine

Okay so I've been visiting Brazil again and watched Elaine's YouTube Video on how to crochet these cute slippers.

They are crocheted from the toe up to the instep and then back and forth for the heel and a scalloped edging around the ankle part. These were done with an F hook and lt worsted wt yarn rescued from the thrift shop.

A Knitted Pair

Not sure if I already posted this picture of another pair of Pantufas .
These are not from Elaine but some other Brazilian site I have lost for now.
Basically it is a rectangle folded over. I was not too fond of the pointed toe part, so I did not make any more.

I've sewn up the squares and just have to take a picture on a nice day - today it is cloudy.
Have to sew on buttons on the Hexagon sweater and knit sleeves on another baby raglan sweater.
More Pantufas in the works and maybe some baby socks.
Enough to keep me busy this week!

Friday, October 12, 2007


I forgot about two more projects I have going. Must be old age catching up to me :)

I had been working on this 9 patch knit afghan all summer. It's a tube, knit in the round and using up all the little bits of yarn. Sometimes I got bored so I added some fair isle and slip stitch patterns. Then I bind off and crochet all around the square tube.
I made 9, and will join them up for a 36" square blanket/laprobe.

Stashbuster Afghan

Lil' Darlin'

Also been crocheting this very cute baby sweater.
Pattern is from Dot - Lil' Darlin' Baby Sweater

Monday, October 08, 2007

In The Works This Week

Time for scarves and slippers and here's a great one I've started.
It is the Yarn Harlot's One Row Scarf

So super easy! I'm using JoAnn's Rainbow Sensations and #13 needles.
This picture does not show true beautiful green colors .

More Baby Sweaters
My attempt at a hexagon type baby sweater is coming along, but I finally remembered why I thought this was familiar. There's a pattern in Knitters #63, called Pram Set! And I went and "uninvented" my own pattern when I had a great one to follow. Darn! I could have saved my brain power!

I've started another Rindy's Raglan with these skeins rescued from the thrift shop.

Final versions of those square booties from my Oct 4th post.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Reply To "No Reply" Comments

Well I just love all the comments! And I would love to answer your questions but ......

All my comments get sent to my email address and I would love to answer all your questions, but you have no email attached to your name.
It just says from "no"

I am probably guilty of that too - I am sure of it :)

So I found out this today - how to change it.

Raising Five's Blog has a great answer to this problem

So when you check "show my e-mail" it does not mean it will show up in the comments, it will only show up when the Blogger gets the comment in her e-mail so she can now answer your questions!

I did not know that and now I have learned something new!

Back to knitting......

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Off and On The Needles

First what flew off the needles this week!

EZ's Baby Bog Jacket

Pattern can be found in the Knitting Around
book by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Yarn was Red Heart from stash
Needles for mine were #6 with a gauge of 4sts/1"
One needs to be really good at calculating here - I think I mis-calculated because it is longer than I wanted - but now it is a very warm wrap/sweater for a little one.

Rindy's Raglan

Pattern: For now - only available to members of Babysweaters Yahoo Group.
More yarn from the stash.
Needles - size 6 for 4st/1"

Tapestry Crochet Kitty Purse

Pattern by Carol Ventura
More stash yarn and an F crochet hook.

Now for what is ON The Needles

But first a quest and question!

A cyber-friend/knitter saw these and wanted to know where to find the pattern.
Has anyone seen baby slippers like these?

I know there are several versions of garter stitch square slippers.
One pattern called "Building Blocks" in the Socks, Socks, Socks book
Another was a free pattern on the web from Frugal Haus.

These little slippers are a bit different because the tips of the cuff are rounded.

See my slipper below knit from both patterns and you will see the cuff is pointed.
Also I did not construct my slippers as in the Frugal Haus pattern and not like the Building Blocks pattern.

My Squares Slipper

Two inch squares (8 sts) with worsted wt yarn

Below you can see my construction method and the lower blocks I only made 6 st squares.
Lots of little ends to sew up......

Update Oct 6th 2007

I found a Drops pattern with a great schematic!

Slippers In Garter Stitch

Other WIPs are a scarf with Lion Brand Sensations yarn, another crocheted sweater and an ongoing blanket.