Saturday, August 19, 2006

But It's Too Hot For Blankets!

I finally got around to crocheting the edges of my 12" loomed squares. Joined them together for a 9 square blanket that measures 36" x 36".
Each square took about 1 oz of regular worsted wt yarn and a few more ounces of contrasting color for the edging. I've got all sorts of ideas for the next loom project - maybe a scarf of 5 squares long, or a shawl of 2 rows of 5 squares, or a lapghan of 3x4 squares. Can't decide just yet.

Here's the thrift shop scrap bag of squares finally sewn up.
It measures 42" x 48"

Meanwhile I'm starting another pair of felted slippers, because I have misplaced the original printout with all my notes.

Film at eleven.......

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Knitting Re-activated

Ahhhh... the temps have gone done and we even had some drizzle.
So I've been busy working in the backyard, weeding, re-doing flower beds and such.
Then a rest in the afternoon with a good book.
And I've even managed to knit on my ongoing projects and
I finished 2 more pairs of mittens!

I've been knitting away a section at a time on the Curve of Pursuit - nothing much to show for now, but getting there.

Started a dishcloth from the Peaches n'Cream yarn I bought on sale at Michaels.

Cooler temps have helped me finish this woven blankie/lapghan.
I'll let the folks at THE MAIN decide where to gift it.

Inspired by the above project I set forth to attempt to build a 12" square loom.
I went to Michael's with coupons and bought some needlepoint frames.
I know... I should have chosen harder wood for durability, but since this is an attempt, I thought I'd just go for very inexpensive.

Here's my "workbench".

Final product looking good and I've already made 3 squares from varigated yarn.