Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Few Little Things To Show

I've been trying to keep myself busy by doing a little garden work earlier in the week, but watering is about all I can accomplish.
So it's mostly reading and knitting around here.

I finished with the garter stitch bib based on the Mason Dixon ones.
And I found a cute Peter Rabbit button in my stash of buttons.

The twelfth pair are done - that's a dozen for the Rez!
And I've started on a blue pair of Sideways.

Felted Slippers
These are cute and another way to use up some wool yarn. I did the small size but I think I'll change the heel formation on the next pair.
Pattern is free from Angel Hair Yarn Co.

Curve of Pursuit
Still working on this and while I contemplated making several smaller blocks, I think I'll stick to the one big one. That spiral effect is "fascinating", as Mr Spock would say.


The weaving is still going on around here and I've already made 16 squares and joined them up. I then worked single crochet around the edges. It's a bit heavy, not alot, but maybe more suited for a lapghan, but I'm not done yet.

And here we have my attempt at building a triangle loom from a thrift store picture frame. I've already tested it by weaving 2 triangles and it's holding up well.
I goofed a bit in measuring and could not quite get the 12" legs I wanted, but a triangle is a triangle and sewn up will produce squares for more blankets.

Please don't look at the slightly crooked nails - at least I only hit my thumb once!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Knitting Thru The Heat Wave

Off The Hook

For a quick "fix", I crocheted these Shell Wrist Warmers - pattern here

It sure was hard to take a picture of one's own hand, not to mention the humidity that made it hard to get these on!

On The Needles

Progressing on the pink mittens - these will be my 12th pair!

A garter stitch baby bib because I keep reading about them on the Mason Dixon Kal. I've got to get that book!


I'm still working on 7" squares and experimenting with different patterns. My little pile of squares is growing.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Did I ever take a "detour" from knitting! I've discovered or maybe I should say "re-discovered" weaving on looms. Who hasn't tried out a potholder loom as a kid?
I've got Linda to blame for that - she mentioned on her blog how she has such fun weaving up all these squares and making little blankets.

I took her suggestion and ordered the 7" square loom from Hazel Rose.

So here is what I have been doing - weaving! I am totally hooked and maybe it's my Pueblo genes calling out to me or maybe I just have Fiber-Addiction :)

Looking at the above picture, you will see I have learned to use 2 strands and also how to "bow" the yarn to ease the tension.

My first attempts are kinda "wonky", but I have been assured that they will straighten out. If you look closely at the center square, you'll see my tension is a bit tighter in the middle and it pulls in some. These were done with 1 strand of knitting worsted, another great way to use leftovers.

The lime and white squares were made with 2 strands of sport wt yarn. I think I am getting the tension figured out, as they are looking better. I found a long afghan hook in my collection and it's making weaving go that much faster.
It's fun trying out all the different patterns and yarns.

Knitting News
Still working on mittens for the Challenge. Here's a pair I started with 2 strands of knitting worsted.

Blanket Updates
- I am on the 6th square of my Curve of Pursuit Blanket!
Slow going on the Rectangular Lapghan - too hot right now - temps are 100+

Friday, July 07, 2006

Mittens and More Mittens

Frances Does It Again!

Frances is my mother-in-law and as you know she loves thrift store shopping.
Here is what she sent me for our Mitten Drive - 16 pairs of little mittens and gloves.
How much did she pay?

25 Cents for each pair!

And here's 3 more knitted pair from me!

The striped ones are Plymouth Encore and are from Anami's Mindless Mitten pattern.

The grey ones in the middle, my infamous Sideways Mitten pattern.

The ones on the left are from this old but great pattern by Joan Hamer.
WoolEase Mittens
The only change I did was use EZ's afterthought thumb instead of binding off the stitches.

Old Wip - Lapghan

Remember that rectangular lapghan/blanket I started back in May? Well it's still coming along, slowly but increasing in size. Earlier this month, I was lucky to catch a sale at KnitPicks and bought a pair of 60" Addi's for $7.95. This has made going round and round a whole lot easier!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

July Knitting

Mitten knitting is still going on but took off on a few hats to change gears.

The Magic Ball
What is one to do with all those bits and bobs of yarn?
Make a "Magic Ball" and knit hats!

Bits & Pieces Hat
I was inspired by this Knifty Knitter round loom pattern, only I hand knit mine with bits and pieces of leftover yarn.

And so I knit more hats!
The one on the lower left is a garter stitch short row hat and the one on the right is one of Ann's Fat Hats.

Two more
The one on the left was knit with Lion Brand Homespun in a K4, P1 swirl pattern.
The one on the right is knit with 2 strands of yarn - one main color and one of bits and pieces.

And I even crocheted one!
Found a great pattern here at Dot's Crochetbythehook site. Really fast and uses up more stash yarn.