Sunday, January 29, 2006

Another Hat Amog My Projects

I just love these slip stitch hats! Here's another with jewel tone colors and black for the background. It's a simple pattern from a book put out by Cabin Fever.
They have a kit for the hat only - Their pattern is called "Slip a Colour", but of course I didn't follow their top treatment - I just used their slip stitch technique.

We all need a litte inspiration from time to time and here's mine.

Thought I'd show a picture of my planning desk where I am trying chart out a Star Wars hat.
Found the charts here and I havn't figured out if I want to knit it in the round or on straights.
We'll see....

Next project I have been working on is my grandson's request for a sweater with Nintendo's Yoshi from Mario Party fame. What a tangled mess of ends!

This is the front and I guess he does look like the Yoshi character a little bit.

Found these cute plastic totes for my projects at the local Dollar Store.
Thanks to Ann for lead!