Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is Wednesday WIP Day?

Yeah! I finally finished the crocheted squares afghan. It's pretty colorful and warm looking!

Finished a poncho I started last month using up even more stash. Pattern here

KFYS Report (Confession)

Well I am happy that I can crochet more without my wrists hurting. I just have to remember to switch from crocheting to knitting and rotate the crafts.

And, I've been using up more stash by crocheting up the leftovers from the bigger blankets into little grannies. But when I went to Joann's today to buy some buttons, these 3 fellows jumped in my shopping cart and came home with me.....

Little 8 point star still needs a few more rows and thanks to a reader I think I have a source for a knitted chevron/ripple type blanket.

Answer to Monika about the Curve of Pursuit I started last year. No I have not forgotten it, I am just "aging" it :) - seriously I do have it out and in my conga line of Wips.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Blanket Binge

Another fork in my knitting road - I've been on a kick to finish up some blanket WIPs that have been laying around here.

I started this woven one back in Sept 2006 and never got around to crocheting the edgings.
It will be baby blanket size when I'm done assembling.

Then there is this warmish bigger afghan, mostly crocheted squares, one or two knit ones.
This one was also started back in Sept of 2006. I've got all those squares to put together and then it will be another FO for me!

I'm almost done with the 8 point star blankie. I think about 4 more rows should do it.

And I didn't know but these are popular on the web right now - they even have a Ripple KAL going.

Mik has a couple of great patterns that I wish I had seen before I tried working my brain to come up with my 8 point star. I think I'll be giving hers a try because I like the rounder points on her blankets.

Now if only I can find a KNITTED round ripple pattern. Anyone?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Knitting For The Wee Ones

I've gone into a baby sweater knitting zone! I just had to make another Mossy Jacket and this time I used some baby weight yarn from my stash. I really do not like knitting with lightweight yarn of this type, so I doubled it up and followed the instructions and added some cute kitty buttons.

And I could not resist starting another Free Pattern From f.Pea. This is so cute!
It's an Organic Guernsey - well mine is just plain old Red Heart, but it's still looking good!

8 Point Star Update

I've been adding more rows and here is what it looks like today!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Seeing Stars

I've just veered away from my next project and started out on this cute 8pt star blanket.
It's based on a number free patterns of star blankets on the web. This being one of them.
I tweaked the pattern a little bit to get 8 points. I Googled around and found other patterns under 6 point ripple afghans. It is not finished yet - I still have more rounds to go!

Cute Sweater Update

Well Ms.Pea, here's the outcome of that cute little baby sweater you have under Free Pattern Fridays.

I think I got the shaping right and I used a few odd balls from the stash to make stripes.
Now I need to buy some orange or lime green buttons. All the buttons in my button stash are just too boring for these lively colors. The pattern is so easy, that I've started another one :)

Blanket Eye Candy for those Blanket Junkies

Yeah, you know who you are :)

I finally finished this afghan that started out with my good intentions of making a few squares to mail to one of our listmom's (Gail ) who collects them and makes up afghans for the Rez.
Well I just got so entranced by all the color combos that I decided to make up the afghan myself and I'll be mailing it to the Rez soon.

I just love how those diagonals came out that I am thinking of making more diagonal only blankets.

Answers to Questions

Monika asked where I got those cute little WIP baskets.
I found them at different stores, Kmart and Target. The other day I was at Target and they had some in the Dollar Bins.

And how did I connect the blanket? I worked 2 rows of single crochet around each block and decided to join into 4 block groups using plain old mattress stitch. Then I worked another round of single crochet around each 4 block group. I joined up each 4 block group and finally worked a round of single crochet around the whole blanket.

Sandy asked me about the pattern I used for "Cute Little Raglan".

It's from Children's Sweaters & Hats Knitting Seamless Raglan Top Down: Step by Step Patterns & Photos (Richdesigns)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

March KFYS Update

Knit From Your Stash Update

Well I'm doing great but I did have to go out and buy some yarn. I only had one skein of a cadet blue that I was using to edge an afghan I am working on, so I went out and bought 2 more skeins. And that's ok because I had allowed myself to purchase more yarn IF I needed it to complete a project.

This is the afghan that I've been working on using up most of my odd bits and leftovers.
It's basically garter stitch on #6 needles and a crochet edging.

I've joined up some of the squares - these are the diagonals.

Meanwhile on the back burner are these little projects lined up and waiting for their turn.

And I'm being tempted by this cute baby sweater on f.p's blog.

Plus my sister ordred this vest pattern from Patternworks and I am supposed to be knitting up a sample.

Comments on some Comments

Thank you to Needles of Steel for the picot hem advice - I think I'll try it all in one next time.

Pam I have a Bond knitting machine or USM/ISM.

And yes, Debbie, I have tried EZ's Mocassin sock pattern - I like it but it is not that quick and easy to knit up.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hats R Us

I've been busy trying to finish up a blanket I started. The blanket is taking awhile - so I'll post some hat FO's.

This one is from one of the Cottage Creations booklets - I used Woolease

The Flap Hat from this pattern - I used some chunky type yarn I had in the stash

And a smaller one with less stitches

And this basic hat with 2 strands of worsted wt

Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Hole In One

This is why I don't do knitted socks for myself.

Remember these slipper socks? I just had finished them in January and now I've worn a hole in the sole. Could be because they were not knit at a tighter gauge, could be the yarn type, could be I wore them too much. And yes I do drag my feet, one foot in particular because I have a slight scoliosis back problem - so I cannot fix that, but I really like warm slippers.

The crocheted ones seem to be holding up better but I prefer knitted ones.
So I fiddled around with a generic garter stitch type slipper and left the sole part until last.
I picked up 12 sts at the black stripe and knitted back towards the heel, picking up and knitting together the ends of the cuff stitches.
The plan is that when I wear a hole in the sole, I can unravel it and re-do it. We'll see....

At least they are bright and cheery!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Finished Objects

I finished this seaming up my machine & handknit sweater sometime ago, but have not been feeling well enough to post. Today I am trying to catch up on all computer chores, email, etc.

So I proudly present the Finished Object!

Conclusion - I think I like this construction method!

And here is a cute little baby sized poncho I crocheted. I added the ribbon just for show and instead of fringe, I crocheted a little loopy edging.

Pattern can be found here.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Machine Knit Plus Hand Knit Fun

Here's another example of my wierd machine and handknit experiments.
I love handknitting fairisle - I hate doing it on the machine. I've tried but I get much better results by hand knitting.
Started this little sweater - another Mary Rich Goodwin pattern - and here you can see I've completed it up to the part where you separate the sleeves from the body.

I then hung each sleeve, front and back on my knitting machine and knit the stockinette part.

Now I will just work the fairisle borders and ribbing by hand and then sew up the seams.
I'm pretty good at seaming up so I don't mind that part.

Pam asked what kind of machine I am using. It's a Bond aka Incredible Sweater Machine aka Ultimate Sweater Machine.
It sure comes in handy for those stockinette parts!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Sweaters For Charity

I'm still busy working on sweaters for the Cheyenne River Reservation Sweater Challenge.
There is no specific number of sweaters one has to make or needs to make. It's all up to what and how many one wants to make and send.

Being that it is very cold up in South Dakota right now, I am trying to make as many as I can.

If anyone is interested they can send sweaters to any of the addresses listed on the homepage of our Yahoo Group - Native American Support

My Latest Sweater Experiments

I'm getting quite good at working up these small sweaters on my ISM. I was having a problem rehanging the sleeves, but now I pick up and knit the first row by hand and then transfer to the machine.

Here's a little green sweater whose yoke was made first in garter stitch and then the other parts hung on the machine to knit up.

I saw a sweater with this type of rectangular yoke in an old Knitters magazine. So I thought I could knit it up by hand then attach the ends and continue on using the machine.

Garter stitch stretches and is larger in gauge than stockinette stitch, so the top is a bit larger.
I think next time I will try a ribbed yoke to draw in the neckline.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cute Little Raglan

Raglan sweater is now complete!

And I've already got another one on the needles!

Knit From My Stash Report

I don't have a count of how much yards or skeins of yarn I have because I gave up counting long ago :) Let's just say too much! Instead I have been working on knitting up the mesh bins I posted about earlier and NOT buying any new yarn unless absolutely necessary.

So today I can brag that I have emptied one mesh bin and I have not purchased any yarn this month. It feels great to have turned that yarn into nice warm things for people that really need them.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Working Out With The Knitting Machine

I've been knitting up stash around here by using my trusty knitting machine to help me along.

Here is a big scarf I started a few days ago, hanging on the bed.

I used 62 needles and keyplate 4 with worsted wt yarn.

And here is the completed stole like scarf.

It measures 19" x 68" - big enough to wrap around one's head and cover the upper shoulders.
As you can see I added some dropped stitches for lightness and interest.

Even more sweaters for the Rez.

This is what they look like after I have finished all the pieces on the machine and I even added a picot eyelet hem. Lots of ends to sew up :)

And this is the finished sweater!

Yes - I still hand knit! Check out this top down raglan I've started. It's one of Mary Rich Goodwin's designs.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Need A Blanket?

FO Blanket
Another little Bond blanket. It's just simple stockinette stitch with stripes of varigated for interest. What spices it up is the crocheted edging.

Conclusion: It is so easy to knit up stockinette stitch with the machine using baby wt /sport yarn. It's not so easy working the edging. Hopefully I'll work up ALL my light wt yarn and be done with it!

Here is a closeup of the edging. I found the idea and pattern here

Blanket On The Needles
I'm still plugging along on that Baby Clouds blanket. One would think that I would have finished this bulky knit quickly, but I am not liking knitting the nubby texture. Still it's knitting up the stash!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Slipper Experiments

Combo Knitting

This is one of my favorite patterns - crocheted slippers from the toe up. The only thing I never liked was the width of the instep. I have high insteps and slippers I've made before were always too snug to pull on. This time I think I got it right as I increased as I worked toward the instep. That left me with too many stitches at the ankle but I fixed that with knitting a ribbing.
Now they're just right and too bright!

Two Needle Slippers

Here's a experimental pair on two needles. I can seam up garter stitch with no problem and I can knit a bit faster on two needles. Sticking to what I do best, I made up this pair as I went along. They're like the green ones but fit better as I went down to 36 sts (18/18). They fit fine but I think I would like a deeper heel. I'll save that for version #3.

I have more blankets and baby sweater pics to post soon.

Friday, January 19, 2007

And a Two and a Three!

I've been knitting up small sweaters for CRR as our group is having a Sweater Challenge running from mid- Jan to mid- April. A good challenge to warm the children and knit up some of that large yarn stash of mine.

Sweater Number Two

Yarn is from my stash and I used the Bond/ISM knitting machine to work the front and back stockinette. Ribbing, sleeves and collar are hand knit. It's from an old Knitting Magazine pattern.

Here's the back view

Sweater Number Three
Finally finished the One Button Garter Stitch Cardi and it was a very easy knit. Just your basic garter stitch and increases and decreases. I used Red Heart worsted wt fleck.

Warming my Feet

My feet are cold and my slippers are getting holes! Oh no what's a girl to do but knit up another pair of slippers. I am testing this pattern that starts with the ribbing and works down the front, making a short row toe. I worked a garter stitch sole, picking up stitches as I went back to the heel part. The heel is also short rowed.

Outcome - too wide for even my wide foot so next time I'll try less stitches or maybe smaller needles - we'll see as I still have to finish the second one.....

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Knitting As Usual

I had mentioned I was working on 3 sweaters and I've finished one, almost done with the other two. I need to use up my stash so it's time to bring out the trusty old ISM/Bond knitting machine. It's very easy to knit up the fronts, backs and sleeves in stockinette stitch as they are just rectangles. I like to hand knit the ribbings and collars while watching TV.

So here is Baby Sweater #1

Sweater Number Two

Sweater number 2 is also a combination of machine and hand knitting. The sleeves have some garter stitch detail, so they're being hand knit.

Sweater Number 3
This cute little green sweater is so easy to knit up in garter stitch.
I'm almost done as you can see.
Pattern is located here

Sorry about the really bright red quilt....

Baby Blankets

Baby Clouds Blanket
I'm using up some chunky baby yarn my sister gave me to make this eyelet type blanket.
I am using a pattern from the Michael's site - here

Stash Baby Blanket
I knit this one up on the knitting machine using my stash. Yellow yarn from Super Yarn Mart and the ombre is Dazzleaire. I didn't plan the patterning on the ombre- it just came out that way! Blanket measures about 36"x42"

And I tried this new edging technique to stop curling. You reform the 2nd and 4th sts in from the edge by dropping them down every 10 rows and hooking 2 loops together.

More Snow Pictures
Here is a picture of Snow Day in Fontana that I took in the afternoon. All the ground snow is gone, but the mountains still had some white showing.

And this one was enhanced using my photo imaging software - I think I like it as a banner.