Saturday, September 27, 2008

Losing Count of Hatz

Somehow I've lost count of my Hatz production. Must have been that wonderful stay in Colorado with my family. I must admit I do not take a picture of every hat I knit as there is just too many!

This is a bunch from August and September. Maybe I should just start taking group shots like this, print out a picture and number the hats. That might work.

Why keep count? Because I just like to count things :)

Well, let's add these totals to the sidebar which says I had 14, so now I have 21.
I think I made more, but I'll stick to 21 for now and try and keep track.


Monika asks if my head is spinning from all my projects I have going on at one time :)
Nope! I love to have that many going so I can choose which one to work on depending on my moods. Some are good for TV watching, some need more concentration and some are portable. Some are boring to work on but that does not mean I don't like the finished product, so if I work on it a bit at a time it finally gets done.
Now to confess that I often read 3 books at the same time. Well not exactly at the same time; a few chapters of one and later a few chapters of another one.

Maybe my head is spinning...... ;)

Lizzie has asked about the Diagonal Box Stitch afghan I want to make.
I just have to find the right yarn and nothing in my stash is looking good. Think I'll have to go out and buy a skein or two. The DBS squares came out great. I'll post a picture of them soon.

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LizzieK8 said...

Ravelry would be a good place to keep track, or a button on your sidebar... When I finish something, I always put it on my computer desk so I remember to update my blog with the info.