Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Christmas Mittenz

I've been working on my Mittenz all day yesterday and today.
I received a request to make the pattern for larger/longer hands and I've been trying to tweek the numbers.
Of course one can always go up a needle size or two to get a larger sized mitten, but sometimes that does not always work.

So first I had to go back to square one and make a pair with the original numbers and here they are - Christmas Mittenz!

Then I tweeked and made a second pair a little larger. Uh oh... I did this late at night and I left out the stitches for the thumb to fingertip length. Still a bit short - but I did get a nice cuff length going.
Darn! I have now started a 3rd pair and I think this time I've got the numbers figured out just right.

So stay tuned for the outcome of my mad experiments!

Those other WIPs? Huh? I have other WIPs?
I'll get back to them soon enough.


Calcrochetnut said...

Wonderful job...I love them and they look so warm too!!! So what are you reading? I am reading Debbie Macombers Cedar Cove series

Wool Winder said...

Great work!