Saturday, November 03, 2007

And They Keep On Coming!

Three more FO's to report!


These are the hats I made from Lion Brand's Just Hats Book.

Worked the original flat as per pattern directions. On the next one I modified it to knit in the round - much easier and no seams! I also added a few more pattern rows for length.

Another Baby Sweater Experiment Done!

So after making the crocheted Brazilian Baby Sweater - info on Sept 29 post - I decided to experiment and knit a hexagon sweater.
Only to remember that there is an already existing pattern, The Pram Set, from Knitters #63.
I knit on and on and on... just adding sleeves and edgings as I knit. So no pattern for this experiment exists. It's a little narrow on the bottom as you can see, but it's kinda cute!

Made with cotton yarn from the stash.

Still working on those other wip!

Almost finished with the 2nd Baby Bog - needs buttons.
Finished a pair of crocheted slipper sox - wore them right away - need to wash them for a pic!


Mimi said...

I am just crazy about the sweater. I would dig out my mags and see if I had knitters #69,but this looks difficult. I still have not cast on for another BSJ. I can't stop making those hats from the blog i dream of knitting. My girls love them.They have been like potato chips for me.

Monika said...

The hats are cute, but the baby sweater is gorgeous!

Wool Winder said...

Great work!

Sue said...

I love those hats!