Friday, October 12, 2007


I forgot about two more projects I have going. Must be old age catching up to me :)

I had been working on this 9 patch knit afghan all summer. It's a tube, knit in the round and using up all the little bits of yarn. Sometimes I got bored so I added some fair isle and slip stitch patterns. Then I bind off and crochet all around the square tube.
I made 9, and will join them up for a 36" square blanket/laprobe.

Stashbuster Afghan

Lil' Darlin'

Also been crocheting this very cute baby sweater.
Pattern is from Dot - Lil' Darlin' Baby Sweater


Sarah said...

The afgan will be so pretty when it is done! As, will the sweater. You always make such pretty things!

Mimi said...

Good grief the word verification was at the being of the comment I deleted. here we go again.

It is about time I stopped lurking and told you how much I enjoy your blog. I donate mostly baby things. Baby sweaters are my weakness. When I am not in the mood visiting you usually cures it. You have an eye for things I miss and this spurs me on to try things use different colors. You are helping more babies than you realize.

I have been putting fridgies on some sweaters here lately. I think they are cute. My Ravelry name is roofee. Some of my sweaters are on the flickr page (more to put up). The car on the blue set is from about .com.It is sometimes hard to really get a boy look thought I would share. Friend me if you wish. I know some don't bother with the friend thing.

Sherri said...

Those squares are beautiful!!!

Kathy said...

I really want to see the finished stashbuster. It sounds wonderful. So you knit it in the round so you have a built in back and front. Clever! I like the crochet edge.