Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another Week's Fun With Knitting

One Row Scarf

The famous Yarn Harlot's One Row Scarf is done! It was a pleasure to knit this up.
Such an easy pattern to remember while watching tv.

Knit with JoAnn's Rainbow Sensations Yarn - the fuzzy one and #13 needles.

I have plenty of yarn left, so I think I'll use WoolWinder's suggestion and try one sideways!

Another view

Pantufas Em Croche from Elaine

Okay so I've been visiting Brazil again and watched Elaine's YouTube Video on how to crochet these cute slippers.

They are crocheted from the toe up to the instep and then back and forth for the heel and a scalloped edging around the ankle part. These were done with an F hook and lt worsted wt yarn rescued from the thrift shop.

A Knitted Pair

Not sure if I already posted this picture of another pair of Pantufas .
These are not from Elaine but some other Brazilian site I have lost for now.
Basically it is a rectangle folded over. I was not too fond of the pointed toe part, so I did not make any more.

I've sewn up the squares and just have to take a picture on a nice day - today it is cloudy.
Have to sew on buttons on the Hexagon sweater and knit sleeves on another baby raglan sweater.
More Pantufas in the works and maybe some baby socks.
Enough to keep me busy this week!


Mimi said...

You know if the toes just turned up a bit and they were in red/green and a pompom on the toes.They would be Christmas cute. In the old days I would have put bells on the toes. I think I am getting in the Christmas knitting mood. I love the harlot scarf.

Wool Winder said...

The scarf turned out really nice. I didn't read the pattern and thought it was knit sideways. Must be getting it mixed up with a different pattern of hers. I think it would look good that way though.