Saturday, September 01, 2007

Side - Tracked!

I was catching up on old posts on one of my Yahoo Groups and found a reference to Dansk Baby Bootees. Seems the pattern is not readily available to purchase.

These Bootees were first seen here, on Bente's Blog. They are so adorable!

Well you know me.... I love to fiddle with patterns :)

My Little Ribbed Toe Bootee

This is what I came up with and while it looks simple enough,
I still do not think I have it right.

I used worsted wt yarn and cast on 20 sts.

I worked garter stitch for 40 rows, 20 ridges - a square.

Bound off 8 sts, leaving 12 to knit to the end.

Then I made ribbed welts of

Knit and purl - 3 rows each, for about 19 welts.

Bound off and sewed the 12 stitch end to the corresponding cast on sts.

Then gathered up top and bottom welts.

Top view where you can see where I gather up the ribbed welts.

This is the bottom (sole) view of my prototype.

I do not like the pointy heel end but since I do not have the original pattern and there are no pictures of the bottoms - I had to guess.
I might be missing something here, so it's back to the drawing board.
OR maybe it is because I used worsted wt yarn and not baby type yarn.

AND then I really got sidetracked all the way to Brazil!
Found these cute Sapatinhos on Tricollage's Blog, but the instructions are in Portuguese....
These are something like the Dansk Bootees and I think I am going to try these next.


hakucho said...

Very cute booties. I like how they are constructed.

happy knitting :)

Monika said...

Adorable baby booties! I can't remember where the pattern for the howling dogs came from. I'm still looking for the slip stitch book, to have a look if it was from there. As soon as I know I'll let you know.

AuntB said...

These look fantastic. I think the only differece is the original ones have ribbed top on 3 needles. :o)
You did a great job :o)

StickLena said...

So cute I wet my eyes!