Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sewn Up Final Versions

Okay, they are all sewn up and the final decision has been made.

I like the ones with the garter stitch sole best, they are much easier to seam up and the bootee has a sort of flat base.

These are the second pair with no garter stitch sole and they gather at the bottom too, but not as neatly. I'll call them the Pumpkin Bootees!

Going on vacation! Taking the Baby Bog sweater with me and lots of dishcloth patterns.
Might buy some cotton at the LYS's I visit!


Monika said...

They are just too cute, whatever sole you make. They are unusal.

Wool Winder said...

So cute--both versions! Have a great trip.

Anami Love said...

I tried following your directions and they turned out okay, but I only finished one. I didn't like them well enough to make the second one!

They are cute to look at, but I don't know how practical they are. Did your's turn out on the big side? Mine did. I may try them in sport yarn and see if I like them better.

Sandy said...


Any chance you might write out patterns for these? I'm a bit confused as to what you did with either...maybe due to the pink yarn being used for both.


Sandy in the Texas Hill Country

Mariella said...

Sandy take a look at my Sept 1st and Sept 4th post. I posted the amount of stitches I used and more pictures of the actual construction.
Since there was no actual pattern translation - I just experimented!