Tuesday, September 04, 2007


My interpretation of Tricollage's Sapatinhos.

The grey yarn was threaded afterwards to gather the ends.

My Mods:

I used worsted wt yarn and cast on 20 sts, knit about 20 rows/10 ridges.
Bound off 4 or 5 for cuff part then worked garter stitch on the left 4 sts (sole) and
I made ribbed welts of knit and purl - 3 rows each.
About 15 welts and cast on 4/5 sts on the right side for the other half of the cuff.
These will be seamed in the back.

Sole with ribbed part gathered up ready to seam.

These were fun to make. You can explore other countries for new and interesting patterns
by finding out the words in their language for that item.

Try Googling sapatinho, sapatinho de bebe, sapatinho trico for Portuguese sites.
I've found some great adult slipper patterns - those will be next!


Wool Winder said...

Very similar to the previous ones, but constructed differently. Which do you think works best?

Callie Karen said...

You know Mariella, you need a cape! Seriously, you're amazing, and you your knitting is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!! I want to make you a cape, and send it to you! Please, pretty please, may I? Your slogan can me "Saving the world through one knitted garment at a time!" Seriously, you need a cape, just as long as you don't do too much saving the world. You know what Edna Mode said in The Incredibles, "No capes!" But she only meant that if you were going into a swirling vortex, and saving a plane. :) lol If you feel that you would want/love to own a hand made cape, leave a note on my blog :)

Anami Love said...

Mariella, these are so adorable! You've tempted me yet again into casting on another project! The color possibilities are endless!

Debbie1085 said...

Were you able to find the adult slippers in that pattern? You did a good job!