Monday, January 29, 2007

Working Out With The Knitting Machine

I've been knitting up stash around here by using my trusty knitting machine to help me along.

Here is a big scarf I started a few days ago, hanging on the bed.

I used 62 needles and keyplate 4 with worsted wt yarn.

And here is the completed stole like scarf.

It measures 19" x 68" - big enough to wrap around one's head and cover the upper shoulders.
As you can see I added some dropped stitches for lightness and interest.

Even more sweaters for the Rez.

This is what they look like after I have finished all the pieces on the machine and I even added a picot eyelet hem. Lots of ends to sew up :)

And this is the finished sweater!

Yes - I still hand knit! Check out this top down raglan I've started. It's one of Mary Rich Goodwin's designs.


Wool Winder said...

The knitting machine is the way to go to use up the stash. Love everything!

Ann said...

Looking good!

Pam said...

What machine is that? I have a Passap Vario Big and a Studio mid guage which I can never remember the model number to. I usually knit the boring parts on the machine.

steel breeze said...

You can do a picot hem all in one piece if you want - make the eyelets, K a few rows, pick up the edge. It makes a neat hem.