Monday, January 01, 2007

Resolution Day

A new year - new resolutions and a look back at what I knit & crocheted in 2006.

In 2005 I challenged myself to complete 200 knitted objects.
I did it! I did it ! (doing the Dora dance)
I even made one extra for a total of 201 FO's for 2006.

Here's the count:

18 baby sweaters
1 child's sweater

2 baby bibs
4 blankets/laprobes
28 pairs of baby booties
76 hats
25 pairs of mittens
14 scarves
8 shawls/wraps/poncho's/capes
17 pairs of slippers
2 pairs of socks
2 washrags
4 pairs of wristers

Obviously I like knitting hats.... and I'm not too fond of knitting socks.

So this year I won't challenge myself to knit more - I'm going to challenge myself to this:

There's a theme going around Blogdom to Knit From Your Stash - click on the link for details.

Wendy started it and I'm going to join in because I need to reduce my stash. Seriously...

Here are my own rules for Knit From Your Stash

1. My KFYS marathon will last all year!

2. I will NOT buy anymore yarn with the following exceptions:

2a. If a family member asks for a knitted item and I do not have it in my stash, I am allowed to purchase yarn for that project.

2b. If I run out of yarn for WIP that has been languishing in my UFO pile.

Now for my New Year's Knitting Resolutions:


2. Reduce my pattern library by 1/3 - I have way too many magazines, booklets, etc!

3. Finish the WIPs! Designate a WIP day - WIP Wednesday?

4. Work on only 2 projects at any given time before starting a new one (oh this is so hard for me)


Monika said...

First, wow, you did a great job, so many knit items!!!
Your resolustions sound right to me. For me it will be a stash year, but rather a forced one. I hate haveing more than 2-3 WIP's, I have too many books and magazines, not all needed as well. But one thing's different, I LOVE knitting socks! ;o)

Ann said...

I'm impressed, Nonni!