Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Big Reveal

So here are the pics of my stash as promised - please don't faint!

This is my Small Stash
Lots of leftovers that I sorted out in different weights. Mostly for hats and baby booties. See the cotton bin? I've going to make baby bibs and the Surplice Sweater from the Mason Dixon book.

This is my Medium Stash

Alot of this yarn was gifted to me by my sis who "destashed" her collection. She's downsizing preparing for a move this year. Some of this yarn is from my thrift store bargains or leftovers from last year's projects.
There are also some WIP's hiding in the bottoms - some just need buttons - I hate sewing on buttons.
Some just need a few more rows, like blankets I have started....
I have come to the conclusion that although I like making blankets, I don't do well in completing a blanket that is one piece - I do better with squares or strips and then join.
So I've got to finish up some of those one piece blankets - groan......

The BIG Stash!
Yes this is ALL mine :) 1970's to now.
Some of these bins contain very, very old UFO's. So they're not all harboring "free" yarn.
Sometimes I look at an old UFO and wonder "what was I thinking?" - and I have no problem frogging and freeing up the yarn for something else.

Knitting from these will be saved for last, as I resolve to knit up the stash in the mesh bins first.
Then I will pull out a bin and work on that ONLY - that's the plan that I hope to follow.

Current WIP is Calorimetry from Knitty and I finished another pair of baby booties yesterday.
Old Wip is the Rectangle Blanket from earlier this year.

I've been ok working on TWO projects at the same time - hope I don't catch a bad case of "startitis"!


Sarah said...

Hi Mariella! Can I tag you for the six weird things about yourself? You can find details on my blog,!


Wool Winder said...

That's the most organized stash I've ever seen...and maybe the largest. You'll should have no trouble finding just the right color yarn for any project you decide to knit.

Vada said...

Hi! I wish I had your stash, you've got a little bit of everything! It's so well organized too! Congratulations on reaching your 2006 total, it's amazing!

I'm new to this, and I was wondering how you got the button for Knitting From Your Stash 2007. If you could respond that would be great! I also added you to my Blogs I view, I absoluetly love all of the things you make!

Laura said...

And my DH thinks I have a lot of stash. LOL You win! :-D

BTW, I wear my button-less cardigans. Or, rather, I did. I took a couple days right before Christmas and put buttons on everything. One buttonless sweater was several years old (at least), and I wore it that way frequently. Of course, it's much better now that it'll stay closed by itself! LOL

Tallguy said...

Oh, don't you just fine these organized people so frustrating??!! They must not have a life! LOL

That sure is a lot of stash, and it is just way too organized for my likes. Me-- I just throw everything into "the Room". You don't want to go there!

(so what happened to the visual verification?? oh, ok... after 7 times of trying!!)