Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Knitting Re-activated

Ahhhh... the temps have gone done and we even had some drizzle.
So I've been busy working in the backyard, weeding, re-doing flower beds and such.
Then a rest in the afternoon with a good book.
And I've even managed to knit on my ongoing projects and
I finished 2 more pairs of mittens!

I've been knitting away a section at a time on the Curve of Pursuit - nothing much to show for now, but getting there.

Started a dishcloth from the Peaches n'Cream yarn I bought on sale at Michaels.

Cooler temps have helped me finish this woven blankie/lapghan.
I'll let the folks at THE MAIN decide where to gift it.

Inspired by the above project I set forth to attempt to build a 12" square loom.
I went to Michael's with coupons and bought some needlepoint frames.
I know... I should have chosen harder wood for durability, but since this is an attempt, I thought I'd just go for very inexpensive.

Here's my "workbench".

Final product looking good and I've already made 3 squares from varigated yarn.


Monika said...

This woven blanket looks very interesting. Did you sew it together with a sewing machine? Can you compare it with a knitted one? Do you think it can withstand being used? It looks so delicate to me. Can't wait to see the variegated squares. Must be a lot of fun.

Mariella said...

First I wove 4 small squares together by slip stitch method. I still can't get it quite perfect yet...
Then I crocheted around the edges and whipped stitched all those blocks together.
It must be pretty sturdy, as I already ran it through the washer/dryer to soften it.
Compared to a knitted one? Well this particular one is a bit heavier - yarn was doubled. The adventure continues!

Linda_S. said...

I like the look of the woven blanket. And it would be wonderful as I can't really enjoy having my toes stick out through the stitches when I cover with a loosely crocheted throw...

Wool Winder said...

Love the woven blanket! You have a great eye for piecing the sqaures together. Can't wait to see what you come up with on the new frame.

crackers said...

Wow look at how crafty you've gotten! Making your own tris and bigger squares! You do good work! Love the blanket! I'm sure it will be well received! Love those mittens too.