Saturday, August 19, 2006

But It's Too Hot For Blankets!

I finally got around to crocheting the edges of my 12" loomed squares. Joined them together for a 9 square blanket that measures 36" x 36".
Each square took about 1 oz of regular worsted wt yarn and a few more ounces of contrasting color for the edging. I've got all sorts of ideas for the next loom project - maybe a scarf of 5 squares long, or a shawl of 2 rows of 5 squares, or a lapghan of 3x4 squares. Can't decide just yet.

Here's the thrift shop scrap bag of squares finally sewn up.
It measures 42" x 48"

Meanwhile I'm starting another pair of felted slippers, because I have misplaced the original printout with all my notes.

Film at eleven.......


Monika said...

Oh how wonderful your blankets are. I especially like the woven squares blanket. Very interesting. There must by so many possibilities ...

Michelle said...

Your blankets are beautiful! I really admire your weaving.

Wool Winder said...

Great blankets! Too bad you misplaced the pattern with all of your notes. You know you'll probably find it just as soon as you finish the next pair of slipppers. That's how it always works for me.

Rita Kellersberger said...

Jiminy Crickets!! What lovely blankets! That thrift shop scrap square is so colorful, it will be
a lovely gift for anyone.
But that 12" loom squares, that is
the best! I think it is so professional and to think you did it!!
Wow! Double Wow!!! I showed everyone at work and am bragging about you.

love, your sis, Rita