Friday, July 07, 2006

Mittens and More Mittens

Frances Does It Again!

Frances is my mother-in-law and as you know she loves thrift store shopping.
Here is what she sent me for our Mitten Drive - 16 pairs of little mittens and gloves.
How much did she pay?

25 Cents for each pair!

And here's 3 more knitted pair from me!

The striped ones are Plymouth Encore and are from Anami's Mindless Mitten pattern.

The grey ones in the middle, my infamous Sideways Mitten pattern.

The ones on the left are from this old but great pattern by Joan Hamer.
WoolEase Mittens
The only change I did was use EZ's afterthought thumb instead of binding off the stitches.

Old Wip - Lapghan

Remember that rectangular lapghan/blanket I started back in May? Well it's still coming along, slowly but increasing in size. Earlier this month, I was lucky to catch a sale at KnitPicks and bought a pair of 60" Addi's for $7.95. This has made going round and round a whole lot easier!


Monika said...

I love your blanket. Is it going to be rectangular? How large are you going to make it? The contrasting colors look great.

Ann said...

Great buy on the mittens! Thank Frances for me!