Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Few Little Things To Show

I've been trying to keep myself busy by doing a little garden work earlier in the week, but watering is about all I can accomplish.
So it's mostly reading and knitting around here.

I finished with the garter stitch bib based on the Mason Dixon ones.
And I found a cute Peter Rabbit button in my stash of buttons.

The twelfth pair are done - that's a dozen for the Rez!
And I've started on a blue pair of Sideways.

Felted Slippers
These are cute and another way to use up some wool yarn. I did the small size but I think I'll change the heel formation on the next pair.
Pattern is free from Angel Hair Yarn Co.

Curve of Pursuit
Still working on this and while I contemplated making several smaller blocks, I think I'll stick to the one big one. That spiral effect is "fascinating", as Mr Spock would say.


The weaving is still going on around here and I've already made 16 squares and joined them up. I then worked single crochet around the edges. It's a bit heavy, not alot, but maybe more suited for a lapghan, but I'm not done yet.

And here we have my attempt at building a triangle loom from a thrift store picture frame. I've already tested it by weaving 2 triangles and it's holding up well.
I goofed a bit in measuring and could not quite get the 12" legs I wanted, but a triangle is a triangle and sewn up will produce squares for more blankets.

Please don't look at the slightly crooked nails - at least I only hit my thumb once!


Monika said...

Wow, you are so busy! I love the felted slippers, they look comfortable. The C.o.P. is coming along nicely. It's a great choice of colors. I understand now, what you mean with making smaller squares... didn't get it at first, it just never accured to me, but hey, it's a great idea! The woven squares are nice too. One can see, that you like doing it. ;o)

Wool Winder said...

So many cute things. I love them all!

Nicole said...

Your curve of pursuit is looking really good. Also - can you tell me more about those slippers you knitted- they look great but what don't you like about the way the heel is shaped? I'm strongly considering knitting them and would love your input.

Ann said...

You have a very interesting variety of projects going!

Great looking stuff.

Toni said...

are you using a potholder loom to make those pretty weaved squares.